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Among Us Out for Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store and Soon to Xbox

Popular party game and friendship betrayal juggernaut, Among Us, got a recent slew of updates such as adding Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch and Xbox to its list of available platforms. The indie game from developer Innersloth has had a huge blast off in popularity on Steam & mobile this year, and the momentum looks set to continue when it lands on consoles. If it didn't see a huge growth in its fanbase, that would look pretty sus.

Among Us out for Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store and soon to Xbox

Among Us launched two years ago but has only seen its astronomical popularity in 2020 after getting attention from Twitch streamers. Their audiences grabbed on to it, and then the wider gamersphere, and then the thousands of people who wouldn’t typically call themselves “gamers”, in similar fashion to Fall Guys and Animal Crossing: New Horizons before it. With many people around the world spending more time indoors and wanting to connect with their friends, calling each other sus while claiming they were only in electrical completing tasks, seems like exactly what the doctor ordered.

During Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase on 15th December, it was announced Among Us was coming to Nintendo Switch the same day, which then topped the best seller list in under 24 hours, and shortly after, Microsoft revealed that Among Us is available now with Xbox Game Pass for PC. They confirmed it’s also headed to Xbox platforms in early 2021, namely Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass for Console.

Furthermore the game also came out on the Epic Games Store on 18th December. With so many new players, Innersloth may have called an emergency meeting to make sure the server engine room isn’t malfunctioning.

Among Us - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

A specific release date for Xbox platforms hasn’t been announced for Among Us, nor whether it will maintain crossplay across Nintendo Switch and all other platforms, as it currently does with Steam and mobile, which vastly improves its approachability. Earlier in the year, Innersloth announced they were cancelling their planned sequel to their sci-fi deception game in order to add content into the original. New content such as their recently revealed map called The Airship, currently planned for release in 2021.

Have you picked up Among Us on Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store or Xbox Game Pass? Or sticking with Steam or mobile? Which do you prefer playing as, a crewmate or imposter? Let us know in the comments.

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