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Among Us 2 Cancelled Just One Month After It Was Announced

Developer InnerSloth has announced that Among Us 2 is cancelled only a month after it's initial announcement. In a recent devlog, the developers explained that the reason behind the cancellation was due to the original game's popularity. All of the planned features included in the sequel will instead be added to the original over a series of updates.

Among Us 2 Cancelled Just One Month After It Was Announced

The party game Among Us has exploded in popularity recently, despite releasing over two years ago. This is mainly down to the game’s sudden popularity on the video streaming site Twitch. You and up to ten other players must fix your ship by performing a series of tasks. However, amongst you is a set of imposters who’s sole purpose is to kill you before you do. It’s the crewmates job to weed out the imposters by voting them off the ship, all the while going about your daily tasks. The game has become so popular that a sequel was announced by developer InnerSloth. However, a month after the announcement, the developers have flipped their position and Among Us 2 was cancelled.

InnerSloth gave its reasonings behind the decision in a devlog, stating that the original game is simply too popular to forget about. Instead of committing resources to a sequel, the developers have decided to improve upon the original game, adding all of the features from the planned sequel in a series of free updates. These updates include a new stage, server fixes, and colourblind support to name a few. There’s no release date for these updates, but the developers have assured fans that these updates are “on the horizon”.  Whilst Among Us 2 is cancelled, fans can still look forward to loads of future updates in the coming months.

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