Amnesia: Rebirth MacOS Port Cancelled

The macOS port for Amnesia: Rebirth has been cancelled, developer Frictional Games has announced. Issues with recent macOS updates means that problems with the graphics driver and audio engine have arisen. Frictional Games additionally stated that its previous release, SOMA, is also affected.

Amnesia: Rebirth MacOS Port CancelledFrictional Games has announced that the upcoming macOS port for Amnesia: Rebirth has been cancelled, according to a press release on the developer’s website. This latest entry in the highly influential first-person horror series launched on PC and PS4 in October last year. The company said that the reason for the decision is that recent updates to the operating system have caused several aspects of the game to break and that the problems are so serious that they are not practically fixable.

Specifically, the issues are with the OpenGL graphics API and the audio drivers of macOS 11.0. Frictional Games explained that support for development tools for OpenGL was discontinued in macOS 10.14, meaning that any bugs with the driver will be much harder to diagnose in the future. The statement added that as time goes on, problems will only get more severe with future updates. The developer also said that issues with the audio drivers in 11.0 mean that the audio engine no longer works and that the team would need to create an entirely new implementation to fix it. The studio stated that it was not confident that it would be able to reach the same level of sound quality with any new audio engine.

In addition to this, the studio said that its previous release, SOMA, would also be affected by these difficulties. SOMA was originally released on macOS in 2015, but thanks to these recent changes to the operating system, it would also have similar problems with its sound.

What do you think of Amnesia: Rebirth for macOS getting cancelled? Were you looking forward to playing this version? Let us know in the comments.

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    Who games on an Apple product anyway? Forget that the company is one of the most ethically reprehensible on Earth, but it’s closed source garbage that’s 10 years behind technologically. I’m sure all 70 people that game using MacOS are devastated while the rest of the world collectively laughs and shrugs.


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