American Gamers: 47% Prefer Consoles, 27% Prefer PC

Nielson's recently released U.S. Games 360 report has detailed a bevvy of gaming statistics across platforms, including preference, playership, and more.

American Gamers: 47% Prefer Consoles, 27% Prefer PC
According to Nielson's U.S. Games 360 report released today, 47% of American gamers prefer to play on consoles, 26% on mobile, and 27% on PC. In 2017, 46% of consumers prefer to play on a single device type (among consoles, mobile, or PC), 38% play on two, and 16% play on all three.

Interestingly enough, half of the hours spent on current generation consoles are actually spent doing activities unrelated to gaming, while 28% is spent online and 22% offline.

Nielson console and PC statistics 1
Nielson console and PC statistics 2
Nielson console and PC statistics 3
The report details usage across platforms as well, revealing that Xbox One players game a little more than PlayStation 4 players (50% versus 48%), and the split between online and offline is pretty consistent among both platforms, with 31% of time spent online on Xbox One and 29% on PlayStation 4.

In terms of the mobile space, though mobile gaming has been steadily increasing in recent years, it decreased from 66% to 62% from 2016 to 2017.

Nielson console and PC statistics 4
What do you think of these new statistics? Are they indicative of your own gaming habits? Let us know in the comments below!

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