Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings MMO Is Looking For Senior Artists

Amazon needs some talented senior artists to bring a new perspective to their Lord of the Rings MMO. The online shopping giant has invested hundreds of millions into getting the LOTR licence. The development team are made up of MMO veterans, showing Amazon's determination to make this game a success.

Amazon's Lord Of The Rings MMO Is Looking For Senior Artists

Amazon needs some artistic talent for their upcoming Lord of the Rings MMO.

The shopping giant who’ve made significant investments into gaming and TV is looking for talented artists for its upcoming MMO, based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth universe. The project placed an ad for senior character artists who can bring a fresh perspective to the world, as yet unexplored in the movies or games like Middle Earth: Shadow of War. Amazon wants to take advantage of the lucrative gaming market, estimated to create $150 billion in revenue over 2020. New World, one of the companies first games releases in May.  

“This designer will work with our design director to tell gripping tales of Middle-earth, its history, and its peoples, building world settings, lore, in-game stories, and cinematics for Amazon’s upcoming massively multiplayer The Lord of the Rings game. We aspire to tell all-new stories inside a beloved, highly-detailed IP. A successful candidate will have deep familiarity with the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, as well as a career history of creating memorable characters and story arcs in video games.” – Job discription

Amazon Is Betting Big On The Lord Of The Rings

A Lord of the Rings game based on Gollum's early life is also being developed.

A Lord of the Rings game based on Gollum’s early life is also in developed.

Amazon is betting big on the Lord Of the Rings universe. In addition to the MMO, a TV series is also in production, set during the second age of Middle Earth. Series production has unfortunately shut down due to the coronavirus, so I doubt we’ll see the show this year. The Lord of the Rings MMO is still in the early development, so it’ll be a two to three-year wait until we see the final product.

All this has me very excited about the project. The job description clearly shows that Amazon is looking for people passionate about the IP. I’m not typically an MMO fan, but I love me a bit of Lord of the Rings lore. Getting the rights to produce LOTR content cost an estimated $250 million, so Amazon is putting all their effort into creating something exceptional. At least that what I hope. 

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