Amazon Made Breakaway Is No More

It’s a little known fact that the well known shopping outlet Amazon, was planning on dipping their toes into the videogames market. Not just by selling them but this time by making them for themselves. You see, Amazon is not just a place for us to buy things. They also own data centers, providing cloud computing and generators to power the needs of the US Navy to name but one. As such, their technical know how is not in question and they went to create their own graphics engine for Breakaway. But what was this game and why did it get cancelled?

Amazon Made Breakaway Is No More
Breakaway was all set to be a team based multiplayer brawler. It has style with the biggest trend going right now – cartoony visuals. It looked crisp as anything we would expect in the AAA market of today, bolstered by Amazon’s in house made Lumberjack Engine. Yet, as of March 31st this year, it would appear Amazon has done away with all efforts relating to Breakaway. Amazon states that this sudden and seemingly needless change of heart is the result of “a lot of soul searching” and that they now choose to “move on to new ideas instead”.

Amazon Made Breakaway Is No More - Sorceress Class
"While we have developed many ideas and made a lot of progress, we are also setting a very high bar for ourselves," Amazon said. "In spite of our efforts, we didn't achieve the breakthrough that made the game what we all hoped it could be. After a lot of soul searching, the team decided to focus on new ideas. As a result, Breakaway is no longer in active development."

Amazon Made Breakaway Is No More - Anne Bonny
As sudden and final as this may feel, Amazon Game Studios leaves the project with a glimmer of hope, going on to state Breakaway will regain traction “if a thunderbolt of inspiration strikes”. It was intended to be a 4v4 competitive game attempting to make a home run for the E Sports scene. However, it is reported that Amazon held several public tests near the end of last year so it could be said they had not received as warm a reception they hoping for.

While Breakaway may be no more, this is not the end for Amazon Game Studios. After all, it would be a shame after creating a shiny new engine for us to enjoy. Their upcoming project, New World seems to be a Warframe kind of set up in a massive open world and Crucible looks to be a high fantasy rendition of PUBG. Both are promising projects in concept and we look forward to future updates on them. 

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