Rumor: Amazon Listings Leak Possible PS5 Titles

The screenshots of European Amazon listings leaked PS5 title price points and what developer the game is from. The leaks also hinted at a PS5 price of £599.99, or about $765 USD. While some of the listings have already been taken down, many are still up for viewers to see for themselves.

Amazon leaks ps5 titles coverA keen-eyed Twitter user found Amazon listing leak for untitled PS5  Rockstar, Konami, 2K, and Koch games. One listing also seemed to be for a 1 TB PS5  for £599.99 pounds or $765 USD. Although the Rockstar listing has since been taken down, the rest of the listings are still publicly available. The user also took screenshots as proof of all the listings’ existence.

With the delay of the PS5 reveal event last week, no doubt these were titles supposed to be uploaded after the event. Fans have already begun speculating what these games will turn out to be. The Rockstar and Konami Amazon listings leak hint at PS5 Grand Theft Auto and Silent Hill titles, which would be huge draws for next-gen console releases. The Twitter user later updated his post, stated that there are about 100 untitled listings. They are from varying developers, such as Bethesda and Bandai. It is unclear how many of these are still up, and how many have been taken down.

With the PS5 reveal to occur later this week, it won’t be long until at least some of these Amazon leaked PS5 titles will be made public. As far as Xbox Series X titles, fans will have to wait longer after the somewhat disappointing gameplay reveal last month. The PS5 is still set for a 2020 holiday season release.

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