Amazing Dark Train release on October 25th

Dark Train is setting up for its journey and devs from Paperash Studio would love to invite you aboard. Dark Train is approved on Steam and will be released on 25th of October 2016.

Dark Train release on Steam
Dark Train in its game mechanics core is an adventure without point-n-click mechanics. You take control of a mechanical squid Ann 2.35f via a controller or a mouse. By exploring the train structure, environments within wagons, train control panels and its surroundings, you are progressing further in the game and story. Discover more about the story and lore on Dev´s blog. Gameplay in general is exploration, puzzle solving and resource micro management. 

And YES, the game is made from paper! Check out this video – Making of Dark Train: From Paper to Unity.

Main Features

  • atmosphere – dark oppressive setting
  • audiovisuals – unique paper-art style and coherency
  • no hints, no help – there is always a way to solve it
  • exploration – non-casual exploratory game feel
  • story – strong narrative with direct action gameplay
  • narration – non-textual, situational

After three and more years of struggle and uncertainty, the game arrived to its next destination.

Watch Dark Train Steam release trailer!

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