All Upcoming Horror Titles Announced at Future Games Show 2020

GamesRadar's Future Games Show promised exciting new horror experiences across all platforms as well as next gen - from Lovecraftian psychedelic colour-trips, to space-bending shooters, to disastrous dino death matches, there's bound to be something which excites you for the upcoming spooky season.

All Upcoming Horror Titles Announced at Future Games Show 2020 cover

Games Radar hosted the 2nd ever Future Games Show on the 28th of August, preparing us for the next few years of upcoming video game titles with over an hour and a half of trailers and demonstrations from developers. Hosted by Metal Gear Solid‘s very own David Hayter and Debi Mae West, we were blessed with promises of an array of exciting new horror experiences across all platforms. We’ve got psychedelic nightmare scapes, we’ve got talking cats, Lovecraftian monsters, and even dangerous dinos. We’ll give you the run-down of all of the titles announced during this year’s show to satiate all of your horror needs. 

Quantum Error 

TeamKill Media announced a PS5 exclusive called Quantum Error with 5 minutes of exciting early-stage footage premiered towards the start of the show. The player takes on the role of Jacob Thomas, a firefighter Captain, who was called to help personnel at the burning Monad facility where all seems to have gone deadly wrong. 5 minutes of early 4K gameplay from the demo shows Thomas navigating through this dark space station, haunted by cosmic visions and horrifying monsters of Lovecraftian design, mixing elements of slow-burn level explorations from Alien: Isolation, gun play from Doom, and the intense creature conflict from Dead Space. Though footage is early and the game is likely to undergo a lot of changes, the overall sound, atmosphere, and level design looks immaculate, with only improvements from here on out. 

If you want updates on the development, or to help the team, check out their GoFundMe

Song of Horror

We all love a trailer with a deep voice-over, don’t we? Song of Horror sees the player take on the role of 13 unique characters unravelling the mysteries of The Presence – a monstrous being which has seemingly caused multiple people to vanish into thin air. Adaptable AI changes depending on the player’s actions, creating an immersive experience which hinges on what seems to be campy horror and delightful homage to old horror icons such as Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark all mixed into one delicious, horrifying cocktail.

The art looks impressive, the scares look varied, and it’s released 29th October – just in time for Halloween. With levels titled ‘H.P. Lovecraft’ and ‘Edgar Allen Poe’, it’s clear Song of Horror is designed to be enjoyed as much as it is to exclaim its own deep love for the horror genre rooted in every dark corner and curling black claw. If you want to experience your own unique horror story, you can pre-order the complete collection of Song of Horror on Steam

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest

The table-top RPG just got COVID-proof. Cyanide have developed the classic tabletop-RPG Werewolf into an interactive graphic novel filled with horror, gore, and troubling decisions for the player to make. The short clip premiered at Future Games showed excited well-known gaming critics such as Trisha Hershberger playing the demo and recoiling in horrific delight as the fleshed-out story unfolded before them. Cyanide have revealed that the story will centre around Maia, who is exploring an ancient forest to find out about her family history, uncovering local legends and histories much more grim than she could ever imagine. Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest will be released on PC in the coming months, so whether you’re a newbie to the World of Darkness, or a well-trained vet, get ready to discover your Rage. 


You know what all these horror games are missing? Ding-ding-ding! Dinos! A solo and online co-op survival horror game from Jaw Drop Games will be satiating all of your Jurassic needs, and what’s more terrifying than being hunted by flesh-hungry AI dinosaurs in the dead of night? Pre-alpha footage shows promising first-person solo gameplay, with dynamic levels for exciting gun play and up to 3 squad-mates to take your chances against the stalking prehistoric beasts. If you like what you hear, feel free to help out the team over on their Kickstarter.

Morbid: The Seven Acolytes 

H.P. Lovecraft lives on in this self-proclaimed “horror-punk action-RPG” from developers Still Running. The player traverses through the steam-punk fantasy world and takes on enemies souls-style, complete with fully soundtracked boss-fights and gore to die for. You play as the sole Striver of Dibrom, dedicated to defeating the Seven Acolytes – powerful beings possessed by evil deities called Gahars – equipped with various weapons and your own personal sanity meter. A loss of sanity can result in new enemies, as well as different reactions to attributes and actions. The player upgrades through a blessings system, specialising in ranks such as brutish warrior or trigger-happy gunslinger. Coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

In Sound Mind

A British cat talks down to you atop a streetlight. “When you’re scared,” the yellow-eyed feline purrs, “losing your mind seems like the sensible thing to do…” With music from The Living Tombstone, a Universe of child-like fears come to life in this colourful, psychedelic horror from Modus Games. The world pours out like a dark tale that shouldn’t be told before bedtime, gripping onto the innate fear of the monsters under the bed through frenetic puzzles and boss fights. The full game is set to be released early 2021 – but if you’re just too excited, you can download a demo on Steam right now. 

Second Extinction

Dinos are a big theme this year, huh? Almost as if the world has been hit by a meteor and reality has been stripped back to its bare bones. Funny, that. 

Second Extinction takes our feelings of apocalypse and pairs them with ‘gigantic dinosaurs, gigantic maps, and gigantic guns’. What more could you need? A passionate team is behind this innovative action-adventure from Systemic Reaction which is set to be released as a beta next month. Although not pinned as a horror, there’s something inherently terrifying about the sheer size of the dinosaurs you’ll be encountering. However, you won’t be doing it alone – Second Extinction is an online co-op of up to 3 players. 

So, which horror games are you most excited for? What did you think of Future Games Show 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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