All the Enemies and Tech Revealed in Rainbow Six Extraction’s Deep Dive

Rainbow Six Extraction's gameplay reveal shows off many of the enemies and the tech players can expect out of the PvE title, from Grunts to Smashers and special flashlights to REACT blades. Based on the reveal, there are ascending tiers of Archean enemies, and each piece of tech equipment will excel in varying situations.

All the Enemies and Tech Revealed in Rainbow Six Extraction’s Deep Dive cover

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Extraction deep dive has given fans quite the taste of what to expect in enemies and REACT tech. Ubisoft has released both this gameplay and a cinematic reveal for Extraction, the sci-fi PVE twist featuring Siege’s current operators.

So far, there are four confirmed tiers of enemies, with a higher tier equating to a higher difficulty. Asides from the humanoid enemies known as Archeans, there is also a slimy black substance called Sprawl to look out for, which speeds up enemies and slows down operators when walked across.

In Tier 1 on the enemies list, we have Grunts, which are common in large numbers due to the fact that they are easy for the alien parasite to incubate. In Tier 2, there are Rooters, Breachers, and Spikers. Rooters can “immobilize” operators standing in front of it–perhaps by some sort of paralysis–so attacks from behind are more viable. Breachers appear primarily to alert fellow enemies of your presence, while Spikers fearsomely launch armor-piercing projectiles.

Tier 3’s Smasher looks like a boss fight and arguably is; it seems to be at least somewhat resistant to bullets, and despite its massive size, can rush effectively. The Lurker, in contrast, turns its allies invisible. Finally, in Tier 4, we have the Tormentor, which teleports via Sprawl. Additionally, in the cinematic reveal, there is an Archean referred to as an Apex, which seemingly differs from those confirmed in the deep dive and likely belongs to the highest tier.

As for REACT (Rainbow Exogenous Analysis and Containment Team) technology, there are four new tools to look at, in addition to expected ones like Alibi’s returning Prisma hologram or the Arc Mine. The REACT Light, for instance, allows operators to see the bioluminescent glow of Archeans— possibly through walls. Meanwhile, the REACT blade looks ideal for assassination-type attacks rather than just a blunt melee weapon.

On each operator’s hand, you might notice a gauge showing red-lit bars, which signify enemy presence: this is the Threat Sensor. Lastly, in REACT tech, Stasis Foam creates a cocoon for fallen allies, allowing operators to save and extract MIA comrades.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Gameplay Deep Dive Reveal

These are all the Rainbow Six Extraction enemies and tech revealed by Ubisoft so far, but there are undoubtedly more of each and unknown nuances within what’s been confirmed already.

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