All PSVR Titles Announced At Paris Games Week

The VR medium has been a very slow burn of success in the last year. But PlayStation is proudly stating that they have sold over a million units since its release last October. Recognising the potential for a whole new audience, Sony pushed VR as hard as they could at this year's Paris Games Week. So, to help you keep a lid on everything that may interest you, we've collected together every VR announcement from the show.

All PSVR Titles Announced At Paris Games Week


In the reveal trailer for Megalith by Disruptive Games, we learn of an ancient world where great titans roam the lands. We see one lumbering out of a cave, looking very ferocious and ready for a fight. Later in Paris Games Week, we learned Megalith is going to be a hero based team shooter, exclusively multiplayer. Could this be PlayStation VR’s answer to Overwatch

Bow to Blood

Tribetoy’s Bow to Blood follows in the footsteps of Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Another competitive multiplayer game, players will man different roles aboard an airship. Bow to Blood’s world is colourful and playful, the themes of which are only bolstered further by a delightful soundtrack. After the success of Bridge Crew, this method of teamwork within a multiplayer setting could end up as the next big thing for VR. 

Ultrawings VR

Ultrawings VR by Bit Planet Games is an open world flight sim. Like our previous titles, it sports a minimalist, cartoonish design. Its main pull is immersion in flight mechanics as your aircraft is controlled entirely by the Move controllers. Things get technical when leaning out the side of the cockpit to shoot balloons for the high score. The setting of Ultrawings VR appears casual but a more intricate experience can be found here. Ultrawings VR is already out on Oculus Rift and Vive. But all we know for a PSVR release date is that it’s “coming soon”. 

Sprint Vector

For those who may not be aware of what Sprint Vector is, it’s best to think of Wipeout with free running instead of hovercraft. Sprint Vector is a relentlessly speedy game, where players race across sci-fi obstacle courses in the most efficient way possible. Of course, like Wipeout, different powerups can be collected to boost your run or hinder the speed of other players. 


Moss by Polyarc, has been on the gaming journalist’s radar for some time now. For those who may not be aware, Moss is about a warrior mouse called Quill and focuses on light combat elements combined with puzzles. We’ll see Quill’s world through the eyes of her guide, a Studio Ghibli like creature that can manipulate Quill’s world to help her progress. For the first time, at Paris Games Week, we learned that Moss has a release date set for February next year. 


Starchild by Playful, offers a cinematic platforming adventure in a high sci-fi setting. We saw a small offering of gameplay for Starchild at this year’s E3. At Paris Games Week, we got a new trailer revealing a continuation of what we saw last time. Descending into the depths of a mysterious alien planet, we’ll discover strange new alien technology that hints at what kind of gameplay we can expect. Those who played the reboot of Shadow of The Beast will likely feel right at home with this one. 

Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero

This year’s Resident Evil 7 turned out to be a critically acclaimed horror experience for those with or without a VR headset. In this first, free DLC, we’ll play as Chris Redfield. Near the end of Resident Evil 7, we got a taste for how well shooting mechanics carried over to VR. Not A Hero will focus on this entirely as we go back into the gritty world of Resident Evil 7 as a more empowered character.

Dead Hungry

Out just in time for Halloween, Dead Hungry by PixelJunk is a quirky take on zombie wave survival. Every bit as whacky as you’d expect from a Pixel Junk title, our title is make burgers and feed them to zombies. Crazy as that sounds, things look to be getting quite technical here, as it’s up to us to make burgers properly at the grill and have them ready to feed the zombies before they climb over the counter and eat us instead! Dead Hungry is on offer at the PlayStation Store, right now!


Another great VR title out just in time for Halloween! Stifled is a more serious state of affairs for those looking for that kind of experience. The game’s mechanics center around sound, which allows us to see. A bit like a bat! Rocks can be thrown and our character speaks which reveals the world around us. Be careful not to make too much noise or those strange sounds out there will reveal themselves to you as something not altogether pleasant! Sadly, Stifled is not currently on offer, but you can still grab it on the PlayStation Store for some good scares.

League of War

The RTS genre tends to be relegated to PC platforms, due to their complexity and need for many more button inputs than a controller can offer. Until now. League of War sports itself as a tabletop VR title that encourages two players. Although, a campaign mode is available for a solo experience. Why rummage through endless menus when you can physically pick up your tanks and place on them on a virtual table?

Blood And Truth

Blood And Truth, brought to us by London Studios, is nothing less than The London Heist’s spiritual successor. Many found themselves yearning for a more expanded experience after playing London Heist. Blood And Truth offers the same kind of gunplay, gritty Londoner accents and even a smattering of stealth gameplay. To find out more, check out our coverage of Blood And Truth. Or check out the trailer below, which speaks for itself.

Monster of The Deep

Monster of The Deep is a stand-alone title based on the world of Lucis from Final Fantasy XV. We’ve known about this one for some time, with very little in the way of details. Moving from DLC to a standalone package, we can expect more than just simple fishing mechanics. As we learned at Paris Games Week this year, there’s plenty of character customisation in Monster of The Deep. Noctis and the gang will also be along for the ride.

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