All Injustice 2 Characters Revealed So Far

Every battle defines you! The roster for Injustice 2 keeps on expanding as we get closer to its release. Check out every character, old and new, revealed so far.

All Injustice 2 Characters Revealed So Far
Ever since NetherRealm Studios announced the sequel to the 2013 hit fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us, fan have been wondering what DC heroes, and villains, they will be able to suit up and battle as. Thanks to various story and character reveal trailers, fans have been given an idea of what the roster will look like. Below is every known character that will appear in Injustice 2.

Returning Characters:


Starting off is arguably one of the most well-known comic characters ever created. The alter ego of Bruce Wayne, Batman once again returns to save the world from threats, the most formidable of them so far being former teammate Superman. This time around the worlds greatest detective wields all knew gadgets as well as a new suit to protect himself from the world’s most dangerous villains.


Superman turned super villain is another staple of the DC comic universe. Once Americas golden boy turned evil after the Joker tricked him into killing Lois Lane and his unborn child he tried to rule the world under one Regime until he was stopped by the Insurgency, led by Batman, where he was swiftly locked up. That was the last we heard of him, but we do know he’ll return in the sequel and try to restart his Regime again.

Injustice 2 Superman
The Flash

Barry Allen makes his return as The Flash. While originally a member of Superman’s Regime in the first game, The Flash had a change of heart after questioning if the way they were doing this was the right thing to do. He ultimately decides to inform Batman of the Regimes plan and turns himself in because he feels he needs to be punished for his actions. This time The Flash returns with a more armoured suit and hopefully he’ll be on the right side from the start.


The king of the seven seas will also be making his triumphant return in Injustice 2. Aquaman previously sided with Superman’s Regime after agreeing to a treaty that would place Atlantis under his control. Bringing with him a new set of armour as well as more vicious aquatic friends that will aid him in the fight to come.

Wonder Woman

There wasn’t much doubt to wither this character would make her return to the Injustice world what with her upcoming live action movie and the large presence she had in the first game. Wonder Woman was last seen being held captive by the Amazons on Themyscara after the fall of Superman’s Regime. She will return with the sole purpose of breaking put Superman and reestablishing his Regime.


Another iconic female that is making her return is the Selina Kyle, one Batman’s on and off romantic interests. She joined Superman’s Regime with hopes of saving Batman’s life. After Batman refused to run away with her she ended up being locked up with the rest of the members of the Regime. In the first game she utilized her acrobatic abilities as well as her whip, which we can expect more of with the sequel.


Another returning member of Superman’s Regime is part man, part machine, Cyborg. It was the overwhelming feeling the anger of losing his friends and his unwavering loyalty towards Superman that pushed him to join the Regime, and he returns happily to serve him once again in Injustice 2.


After being raised by the League of Assassins, Damian Wayne has always had an appetite for killing, it was this struggle that always put him at odds with his father, Batman. After accidentally killing Nightwing, Batman disowned his own son, pushing him into the arms of Superman, who he always felt was more of a father to him than his own.

Injustice 2 Robin
Green Lantern

After giving himself over to fear and becoming the Yellow Lantern, Hal Jordan was returned to the Guardians of Oa along with Sinestro to be punished. After overcoming his fears, he has been reinstated as a Green Lantern, but will others forgive him for his actions?


After siding with Superman’s Regime due to his similar views on criminal justice, he was set to work as an enforcer. However, after the fall of the Regime, he was arrested along with the other members who then turned against him and ever since he has been on the run from Batman. After being pursued for so long he makes a comeback to get revenge on those members who turned against him.

Injustice 2 Bane
Harley Quinn

Psychiatrist turned villain Harley Quinn also makes her return in the sequel. After Superman murdered the love of her life, The Joker, she has vowed to get her revenge. Harley Quinn’s return was expected given her popular portrayal in the Suicide Squad movie, with her look being reimagined to line up more with the live actions version.

Green Arrow

The Green Arrow of this Earth was killed early on in the fight against Superman’s Regime, and as such throughout the first game we play as the alternates Earths Green Arrow. At the end of the first game Green Arrow returned to his home world. It is unknown if we will once again play as this Green Arrow or another version, however given the characters’ popularity in the TV show Arrow, the return of this character was always likely.

New Characters:

Doctor Fate

First up for the new characters is this Powerful Sorcerer. While wearing the Helm of Fate, Kent Nelson is able to see the fate of mankind. However, his humanity causes him to intervene due to his allegiance to his heroic friends, causing him to risk consequences even he can’t see coming.


Also making her debut in Injustice 2 is this angry feline. After she betrayed Wonder Woman to receive the powers of a god, Barbara Ann Minerva was cursed and transformed into a cheetah. Cheetah is now desperate to get revenge on Wonder Woman.

Swamp Thing

After the violent war of the first game, Swamp Thing, the self-proclaimed protector of all plant life makes himself known to defend what he refers to as “the green.”

Poison Ivy

Another lover of all plant life is Pamela Ivy, a former botanical biochemist whose main goal in life is to make the world safe so that all flora can dominate the world.


This Red Lantern is out for revenge against Sinestro Corps after they oppressed his home world. His rage fuelled rampage causes him to travel to Earth, where he feels he can increase the numbers of the Red Lanterns by encouraging the rage of the planet.

Injustice 2 Poison Ivy

Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle came to Batman after the events of the Injustice, hoping he could teach him to use the Scarab, an alien weapon that had bonded to him. After seeing the destructive and oppressive power of the Regime, Blue Beetle is determined to protect the people and prevent further disasters.

Black Canary

After being forced to flee before the events of the first game took place, Dinah Lance screams into battle alongside Batman to protect the world from these new threats.


During the reign of the Regime, Floyd Lawton escaped imprisonment and lived life as an assassin for hire. However, Gorilla Grodd came into control of the explosive in his head which Deadshot is forced to contend with.

Gorilla Grodd

Noticing a power void left in the wake of Superman’s Regime, this telepathic gorilla set out to form his own anti-Justice league, known at the Society, which he hopes to use to bring all of mankind to their knees for him to rule.


After being sent to earth to protect her cousin Superman, she was knocked off course and arrived decades to late. Upon her arrival she finds her cousin has been imprisoned, however due to her loyalty to family she dedicates herself to fighting her cousins’ enemies.

Injustice 2 Supergirl
Reverse Flash

Recently revealed in the “Shattered Alliances Part 2,” trailer where he is seen giving chase to The Flash. It is currently unknown what his role will be in the sequel.

Captain Cold

Also visible in the “Shattered Alliances Part 2,” where he is standing behind Gorilla Grodd, it appears he will be joining the Society.


So far only Darkseid has only been advertised as a pre-order bonus.


Firestorm was recently announced and portrays the version of Jason Rusch and Martin Stein. Firestorm will be joining Batman in his fight to rebuild the world. Firestorm has been regularly featured on the TV show Legends of Tomorrow and the game version has some similarities to his TV counterpart, this begs the question what other characters from DC's TV shows will be featured in the game?


Presumably the main villain of the game is this genius who roams the universe in his search for knowledge that’ll increase his intellectual and scientific powers. He has captured Krypton’s greatest city then destroyed the planet and every last trace of it, or so he thought. After hearing stories of the “Last Son of Krypton,” he travels to Earth to add Superman to his collection.

Injustice 2 Braniac
These are all the characters that have been announced or spotted in trailers so far, however Injustice 2 is promising to host the largest number of DC characters in a game ever, so we can expect a lot more characters to be announced before the game arrives, as well as some special guests.

Injustice 2 is set 5 years after the events of the first game. With Superman locked up, Batman and his team are attempting to piece society back together while also hunting down the remaining members of the Regime. During this time a new group called “The Society,” have formed and plan to achieve world domination, which causes Batman’s Insurgency to team up and fight together again. This is further complicated by the arrival of Braniac, who’s appearance threatens the existence of Earth.

Injustice 2 arrives on PS4, Xbox One on the 16th Of May


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