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Alan Wake disappearing from digital storefronts

Alan Wake is a horror-action game with a heavy emphasis on story. If you have been waiting to give it a shot, now might be the best time to do so. The game will soon be 90% off on Steam before disappearing entirely from digital stores.

Alan Wake disappearing from digital storefronts.
Alan Wake by Remedy Entertainment will soon be taken off digital storefronts. If you want to own the PC version of Alan Wake or just want a digital copy of the game, you are going to have to act soon. Thankfully, as a nice going away celebration the game will be 90% off on Steam starting 13th May before the game disappears entirely from digital stores on 15th May.

This is always an interesting risk with digital games. Alan Wake is disappearing from the digital stores because the music license expired. Thankfully, unlike when P.T was pulled, those that already own the digital version of the game will still be able to play and download the game at their leisure.

You can currently purchase Alan Wake from Steam, but not for much longer! 

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