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Agent 47 Goes on Vacation in the Hitman 2 September Roadmap

Hitman 2 is celebrating September with a month of tropical challenges, including a brand new location called Haven island. The Maldives-inspired island will act as Agent 47's new deadly playground & has three targets for the silent assassin to deal with as he sees fit. The action begins on September 5th with The Dalton Concussion Escalation.
Agent 47 goes on vacation in the Hitman 2 September roadmap

Agent 47 goes on vacation in the Hitman 2 September roadmap

Agent 47 will be packing his flip-flops along with his silverballer pistol in Hitman 2’s September roadmap. The roadmap, titled “Fierce rivalry,” introduces us to a new location called Haven island, a tropical paradise that is equally beautiful as it is deadly. This new location, & any content connected to it, is only available for those who purchased the season pass or gold edition of Hitman 2.

Agent 47 goes on vacation in the Hitman 2 September roadmap

September roadmap

Included in this month’s roadmap is as follows:

  • The Dalton Concussion Escalation – September 5th
  • The Covert Dispersal Escalation – September 5th
  • The Dubious Cohabitation Escalation – September 12th
  • The Blackmailer Legacy Elusive Target – September 13th
  • Competitive Edge Featured Contracts – September 19th
  • The Merle Revelation Escalation – September 19th
  • Haven Island (season pass only) – September 24th
  • The Silver Tongue (season pass only)  – September 24th
  • A Bitter Pill (season pass only)  – September 24th 
  • The Angel of Death Legacy Elusive Target – September 27th

With four escalations, a few legacy elusive targets & a brand new location, Agent 47 certainly won’t have time to relax by the pool. Players will also receive a new weapon in the shape of an emetic grenade, allowing you to poison en-mass, & the Cashmerian suit, based on that of the rival assassin found in the Mumbai location. IO Interactive has continued to update Hitman 2 with engaging content since its release in November 2018, but with the end of the content promised in the season pass, what can we expect in the future? The studio recently teased the development of Hitman 3 & their intention to return to an episodic release schedule.

Hitman 2 is available for PS4, Xbox One & PC.

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