Age of Heroes VR aims to create WoW experience in VR

Have you ever faced down World of Warcraft's Lich King and wished you could be in the action yourself? Now you can with Age of Heroes VR, an all new multiplayer action RPG focused on taking on MMORPG style raids in virtual reality.

Age of Heroes VR aims to create WoW experience in VR
In development by Omnigames who are avid fans the MMORPG genre, Age of Heroes looks to capture the raid combat experience in a VR setting allowing players to experience adrenaline-pumping combat in VR alongside their friends.

Announcement trailer for Age of Heroes VR:

Age of Heroes VR Announcement Trailer

"With Age of Heroes, we integrated the traditional role-playing features and first person boss battles into the VR genre to create an immersive and refreshing game experience. We look forward to receiving player feedback in the upcoming closed beta and then sharing the game with the world upon full launch,” said YongMing Wang, the senior producer at Omnigames.

Closed beta dates will be announced soon with registration sign-ups beginning shortly.

Game Features

Multiple character classes

  • Character loot and progression
  • Raids with multiple boss fights with each boss fight having different stages and mechanics to overcome
  • All heroes have full body avatars. Avatars will even respond when other players interact with you.
  • Single player and multiplayer modes with multiplayer allowing up to five players
  • Built in voice chat
  • Cross platform multiplayer, no matter whether you are using HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or PSVR, Age of Heroes allows you to play with other heroes on another platform. (PSVR support will come after launch)

Actual Body Movement

Age Of Heroes VR is set to include life-like body movement for combat to help the combat experience feel more natural, reduce motion sickness and increase immersion into the game world.

"We were thinking about how to make the combat more immersive and thrilling in VR. One of the answers is Actual Body Movements: you are not only playing the game with VR controllers but also using your own body," said Omnigames. "In Age of Heroes, you need actually move your body like squatting or quickly side-stepping to avoid attacks and boss abilities. If you worried about room size or other problems, you can set different game configurations to finish all these movements in a slight body reaction. It will be fun and feel real!"

About Age Of Heroes VR

Set in a fantasy world, Age Of Heroes pits players against challenging enemies in multiplayer raids. Utilizing actual body movement, players can sling fireballs, summon creatures and heal allies in an engrossing multiplayer virtual reality experience that seeks to provide fans of MMORPG combat with the VR game they have been looking for.

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