Age of Conan – Update Notes 4.4 with new raids

Age of Conan - Update Notes 4.4 with new raids!

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Right now new patch has been released and a whole new set of four new Unchained Raids await you!

With new encouter mechanics, completely new rewards but with old bosses. Let's try to kill them again but be careful. They are deadly and you should be ready to die a lot. Defeat Yakhmar, Vistrix, Champion of the Honorguard and Kyllikki.

Of course there are many other new features, quests changes, skills changed etc. You can find them in the link below.

And last but not least there is still The Banshee Queen of Acheron to be killed. Until October 7.

There is now enough reasons to get back to Hyboria and try all the new stuff!

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