Age of Conan: Game Director Letter

Age of Conan: Game Director Letter - August 2014. What new stuff is coming?

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There are going to be big changes in the raids. All of the Unchained Raids are on Testlive for testing. It means a return to the first raids at the very beginning of AoC – Vistrix, Yakhmar, Champion of the Honorguard and Kyllikki. 

To this are connected of course changes in the equipment. And that means primarily armors and weapons of the vanilla raiding sets.

Also new set bonuses are on the way. There are many ways how it will influence the game, skills etc. All of these news are tied with the crafting system. Deconstruction of the bonuses sets, separate PvE and PvP components and make PvP more viable for PvP fights.

PvP streaks – the longer you stay alive in PvP minigames the better rewards you will earn. But this feature must come to Testlive servers first.

Achievements and lore is going to be reevaluated.

Server transfers are still closed because of possible expoloits.

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