Afterparty Is Oxenfree Dev’s Next Game

Once upon a time, a small development studio made an unforgettable title called Oxenfree. The hand drawn side scrolling puzzler was only played by a few but hailed by all critics as a masterpiece. Now Night School studio are cooking up their next game and it’s all about drinking the Devil under the table.

Afterparty Is Oxenfree Dev’s Next Game
It’s called Afterparty. After such great titles like Oxenfree and Double Fine’s Broken Age, similarly hand drawn, we’re already excited for this one. Just take a look at the vibrant colour palette and personality that oozes out of Night School’s initial concept images. They promise a lighter hearted tone than subtly sinister Oxenfree.

Afterparty Is Oxenfree Dev’s Next Game - Hell's boozers
The premise of Afterparty itself is undeniable quirky. Best buds, Milo and Lola have unfortunately found themselves deceased and in Hell. Staring down an eternity there and keen to get back to the land of the living, they have but one task ahead of them – to drink Satan under the table. In this exciting concept, players will explore the many different themed areas and taverns of hell, challenging demons of various booze levels to train up for the final showdown against the big guy. 

Afterparty Is Oxenfree Dev’s Next Game - Demon bartender
Oxenfree was a clever metaphor about what it’s like to be a student. In the case of Afterparty, it’s already clear to see that it will be an entertaining commentary on the boozey lifestyles of many a twenty-something.

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