AdHoc Studio Formed By Departed Telltale Devs

The closure of the narrative driven mastermind studio, TellTale Games, came as a massive surprise and let down to many fans of the interactive narrative genre. However, four former TellTale employees look to capture that magic and have teamed up to start their own independent studio, AdHoc Studios.

AdHoc Studio Formed By Departed TellTale Devs
After leaving TellTale in February 2017, Nick Herman, Dennis Lenart, and Pierre Shorette joined Ubisoft in hopes of creating their own studio that would finally allow them to branch away towards more risky endeavors. That never seemed to work out, as the trio eventually left Ubisoft and teamed up with former TellTale employee, Michael Choung, and formed their brand-new studio.

AdHoc Studios will look to capture the magic of the Netflix interactive film, Bandersnatch, as the medium between television and video games merges even closer. With the tight reigns of TellTale no longer holding the team of four back from creatively expressing their vision, AdHoc can move into unknown territory of future interactive media.

“We liked the idea that if it was just the four of us, we’d be able to more confidently wade into unfamiliar water.” — Chief Tech Officer of AdHoc, Dennis Lenart

Members of the studio have already revealed their first project will be an interactive narrative adventure, but that's all that has been announced about their debut title. They have also made it clear that branching away from the staple genre is very much an option. Even to the idea of a first-person shooter or action-adventure game, AdHoc CEO Michael Choung expresses, “Let’s not rule anything out.”

Stay tuned for more on the forming of AdHoc Studios, as well as any future project announcements.

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