Activision Promises Anti Cheat Measures In Upcoming COD:WW2

Sledgehammer and Activision just recently wrapped up proceedings on a multiplayer beta for World War II on PC. While feedback on beta testing periods is essential for developers to iron out those last minute wrinkles in games, to say the beta was a success would be a bit of a stretch. Players complained in their droves about an infestation of hackers and cheaters online, totally ruining the experience.

Activision Promises Anti Cheat Measures In Upcoming COD:WW2
Many wondered why Sledgehammer remained seemingly tight lipped on a response to these complaints. It would seem, Activision took it upon themselves to address the issue in their typical vague corporate rhetoric. While stating how grateful they were for the player feedback after the PC Beta, Activsion went on to say We take a level playing field extremely seriously and will monitor and react to this as a top priority on an ongoing basis”. This could be seen as a statement that is hard to believe after several problems have persisted throughout Call of Duty’s multiplayer outings. 

The game breaking “quick scope” mechanic gives a ridiculously unfair advantage to those who have figured out how to do it. It is unequivocally a game breaker. Yet, the problem has persisted through every Call of Duty title which goes against Activision’s ethos of a “level playing field”. While steps have clearly been made to progress the cinematic and story telling aspect of Call of Duty, many will remain sceptical after this messy Beta.

Activision Promises Anti Cheat Measures In Upcoming COD:WW2 - Cerantan
In other news, it has recently been revealed that Call of Duty: World War 2 will enjoy the return of a map found in the original Call of Duty. The map, Carentan also made an appearance in Call of Duty 2 and United Offensive. Sadly, in typical Activision form, this map (supposedly intended for the few players of the originals still sticking around) will only be available for those who pre order Call of Duty: World War 2

Call of Duty: World War 2 boasts a return to form for fans of the original games. However, with Activision’s questionable marketing practices and multiplayer issues, the game may fall short of the high expectations placed on it. Furthermore, a job listing has been spotted on Treyarch’s website, asking for a Systems Designer with “a deep knowledge base of firearms and modern military technology”. This would suggest that Activision’s decision to return to World War 2 roots is a one-off venture for now. Call of Duty: World War 2 will release on November 2nd

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