Activision Made $4 Billion on Microtransactions in 2017

Micro-transactions seem to be a financial success for Activision Blizzard. In a recent earnings report, the company said that revenue from "in-game net bookings," which includes items like: loot boxes, DLC sales, and in-app purchases on mobile games, reached $4 billion last year.

Activision Made $4 Billion on Microtransactions in 2017
One of Activision's biggest titles, Call of Duty: WWII, has proven to one of the biggest monetary achievements for Activision, as it offers micro-transactions through Call of Duty Points, which allows the player to unlock loot boxes that contain unique cosmetic items. In addition, Activision recently launched the game's first paid DLC –Resistance. Another important title for the company has been Overwatch, as players can spend money on loot boxes that contain skins and sprays

However, Activision's most profitable game seems to be Candy Crush, which is run by Activision-owned studio King, as the game made $2 billion in revenue from in-game net bookings. Daniel Ahmad, an analyst on twitter, explains this. But, despite the controversy of Battlefront II, all other companies seem to be doing well from micro-transactions. 

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