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Action-RPG Shadows of Larth Coming Q2 2020

Shadows of Larth is a third-person action RPG with a heavy focus on melee combat. Take on foes and enemies in the lands of Lower Larth, a world that has been overturned by corrupt winds. Experience a variety of trails and help decide the fate of the realm.
Action-RPG Shadows of Larth Coming Q2 2020

Action-RPG Shadows of Larth Coming Q2 2020

Independent developer Zine. E. Falouti has announced Shadows of Larth, a third-person action game with RPG elements that focus on a unique combat system.

Set in the lands of Lower Larth, you play as Yaldur Val Eir, who serves as one of the five champions of The Marked Guild. The winds are in a state of corruption and have unleashed their wrath on the world. Take on Keepers and Shadows that roam the planet as you set out to restore the wind to its former state.

Shadows of Larth features melee combat. As you encounter various enemies and foes, you must strategize with the game’s combat mechanics to find the best approach for battle. The “Normal Hand” allows you to equip any weapon you find into your right hand. Your “Marked Hand” gives your left hand the ability to equip magical skills that can be unlocked by finding blue scrolls. Finally, depending on whether you use a two-handed weapon, a polearm, or dual wield, your player can choose up to three stances that each possess unique combo attack chains.

Shadows of Larth: Gameplay

Shadows of Larth: Gameplay

Set in a semi-open world, decisions will be left with the player. Talk to people, explore, or fight enemies as you encounter various trials that will lead you to decide the fate of the realm.

Shadows of Larth is set to release in the second quarter of 2020 for Steam and is available to add to your wishlist right now.

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