Ace revealed for Dissidia Final Fantasy

First seen in Final Fantasy Type-0, the character will play as a shoot-type. Also announced was the game's deities, Materia and Spiritus, which act as Cosmos and Chaos from the original series.

Ace revealed for Dissidia Final Fantasy
Publisher Square Enix announced today via livestream that Ace from Final Fantasy Type-0 will be a playable character in their upcoming arcade fighter Dissidia Final Fantasy. The card-wielder will be a shoot-type.

Also released was new information regarding the lore of the title, including detail on two deities named Materia and Spiritus that act as Cosmos and Chaos from the original series. Videos of both announcements and concept art of the gods can be found below:

Materia from Dissidia Final Fantasy
Spiritus from Dissidia Final Fantasy
The game, made by Team Ninja, is much more battle-oriented than previous titles in the series, shedding its JRPG roots in favor of faster mechanics. Square has mentioned that they may be bringing the title to console one day, however no other official word has been provided since the game's release last year. 

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