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Ability Rolling has improved in Splatoon 2

Anyone who disliked ability re-rolling in the first Splatoon, may find this new feature will have them blowing chunks everywhere. In a good way. The Squid Research Lab have revealed a brand new character, one that brings their own special service to the upcoming ink-based shooter coming to Nintendo Switch.

Ability Rolling has improved in Splatoon 2
If you played the first Splatoon you may be familiar with Spyke, a literal street urchin who owned little more than the poncho on his back, a number of Super Sea Snails, and the power to regenerate the abilities on your Inkling's gear. However, to the bane of many Splatoon players, re-rolling abilities would be random. Even if you did fish out your last hard earned Super Sea Snail, there was no guarantee you’d get the ability selection you wanted. Now players may not have to resort to controversial techniques such as 'save scumming', to get the ability selections they desire. Thanks to one little guy, with one big eye.

"Murch" is the new face of ability re-rolling in Splatoon 2
This is Murch. The Squid Research Lab tells us he "looks up to Spyke as a role model". So much so that he's taken over his role in Splatoon 2. Seeing that the central hub is now Inkopolis Square, perhaps Spyke didn't fancy relocating from his cosy alleyway by the plaza? As well as re-rolling a piece of gear that any Inkling chooses, Murch has a new trick called “gear scrubbing”.

You'll use a number of ability chunks to fill an open gear slot
Gear scrubbing resets the abilities on a piece of gear and gives you back the removed traits as “ability chunks”. Once you have enough of them, you’ll be able to allocate that ability to an empty slot in a different piece of gear. How many chunks you'll need hasn't yet been stated but it’s far more useful than Spyke could ever do. One might say, the difference is almost as vast as the ocean.

Splatoon 2 is scheduled to come out Summer 2017 on Nintendo Switch.

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