Abandon Ship released on Steam Early Access

Abandon Ship is out now with a Launch Trailer showcasing some of the Combat & Exploration Gameplay, along with ship-upgrading, surviving in a lifeboat after your ship is destroyed. The game is 15% off for its launch week.

Abandon Ship released on Steam Early Access
Early Access version of Abandon Ship features an 8-10 hour story that encapsulates exploration, combat and upgrading your ship. There is also a short side-story which is separate from the main game and is focused on combat. Abandon Ship is out on Steam with a launch-week discount.

Launch trailer for Abandon Ship:

The developers have already outlined the road map for future development. Here are some of the features they plan to work on:

  • Expanding the gameplay of exploration mode. This is a big, on-going task that requires many new features and content.
  • Making some of the player choices feed back into the game, so their decisions may come back to haunt (or help) them.
  • Vast quantities of incidental events with varied gameplay
  • Involved Side-Quests
  • Unlocking more regions once those have sufficient unique islands, quests and gameplay modifiers implemented
  • Improve boarding gameplay in combat
  • AI improvements, including getting the AI to ram and board the player
  • More weapons and upgrades. The Ship Section Upgrades in particular will receive a lot of expansion.
  • More ship classes and more ship variety
  • Offer the player more choice in how they can avert the negative-spiral that can occur when things go from bad to worse.
  • Increase crew numbers, particularly on the larger ships.
  • Improve Lifeboat and Stranded gameplay loop

Check out the developer's blog for the full list of changes and more detailed explanation on the game's post launch Early Access Roadmap. More info on the game can be found on the official website and blog. You might also want to check out Abandon Ship on social medias, Twitter and Facebook. Lastly, it never hurts to watch Krakens on Youtube!

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