Abandon Ship has a new gameplay trailer

Get ready to set sail! Abandon Ship has received a new gameplay trailer focusing on ship combat.

Abandon Ship has a new gameplay trailer
Fireblade Software have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming game Abandon Ship. The trailer is focused on ship combat. You can view the new trailer below:

In the trailer, we can see some of the systems involved in ship combat:

  • Positioning the class-based crew to gain optimal performance.
  • Ships are broken into Sections. The performance of that section is affected by its health status.
  • Distance between ships determines:
    • Visibility
    • Weapon range
    • What actions can be performed (like boarding or ramming)
  • Fires spreading across the ship.
  • Hull Cracks that flood the ship. If you take on too much water, you’ll sink. You can lower the water level by manning the pumps.
  • Crew getting knocked overboard and diverting someone to man the winch while attempting a rescue.
  • Lightning, Rain, Tidal Waves and Fog modifiers.
  • A vast array of weapons.
  • How upgrades can complement your chosen strategy.
  • Environmental modifiers like Icebergs in special Arctic maps.

About the game, Fireblade Software said:

Abandon Ship is a single-player PC game where you take command of an ‘Age of Sail’ ship and her crew, framed in an Art Style inspired by Classic Naval Oil Paintings.

You can find the game's official website here.

Are you looking forward to playing Abandon Ship when it releases? Feel free to let us know down in the comments.

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