A New Pokemon Direct has been Announced for Tomorrow

Broadcasting on Nintendo's Youtube channel, we're being treated to a Pokemon-dedicated broadcast on the 9th of January, hopefully informing us of all of the Pokemon-related gaming content coming to devices in 2020. Find the link to the broadcast here!

A New Pokemon Direct has been Announced for Tomorrow

Across the various time zones, the 20-minute Pokemon Direct will be airing on Nintendo’s Youtube channel at 2:30 p.m. UK time, 6:30 a.m. Pacific time and 9:30 a.m. Eastern time on January 9th. 


Being only two months since the release of the series’ latest titles, Pokemon Sword & Shield, another direct so soon could hopefully mean the announcement of a new title for the Nintendo Switch. If not an original, brand new title, something fans have been really hoping for are remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: the fourth generation titles that hit Nintendo DS systems all the way back in September 2006. 

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Then there’s the other games we’re already expecting for 2020. For early this year, there’s Pokemon Home: a storage service for your Pokemon from the Pokemon Bank on Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon Go, the Pokemon Let’s Go games and Pokemon Sword & Shield

We’re also waiting on an update regarding Pokemon Sleep: a night-time-monitoring smartphone app that tracks your sleep and rewards you with various Pokemon. Although it’s being developed by Japanese studio Select Button, Pokemon Go developer, Niantic, is helping out and will be published by the Pokemon Company

Be sure to come back for the live broadcast when it airs in your appropriate timezone.

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