A New Map is Coming to Halo 3 in 2021

343 Industries is set to release a new map to the much-beloved Halo 3 through a new content patch for the Master Chief Collection sometime in 2021. Although the map may not be completely new, this is a good sign for the support 343 Industries is willing to give the MCC.

A New Map is Coming to Halo 3 in 2021

343 Industries is set to release a new map to the almost 14-year-old game Halo 3. Considered to be the height of the series, 343 Industries sparked some new life into the game through the Master Chief Collection. Although initially released in a broken state on the Xbox One, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is now on its fifth season of content drops. These seasons so far have introduced a myriad of new cosmetics and content to these classic Halo titles. From weapon skins to now a new map from Halo Online, 343 Industries is introducing a lot of new content to these old games.

In their latest Halo Waypoint blog post, 343 Industries detailed info on upcoming content planned for Season 6 of the MCC. Alongside the announcement of this new map, they are also planning to include a Custom Game Browser and new in-game settings for both console and PC players. This all adds up to create a pretty substantial update coming to The Master Chief Collection

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Generally speaking, the addition of all of this new content for these old Halo games is genuinely exciting. Of course, there are arguments fans make over the preservation of Bungie’s original vision of the franchise. With that said, it seems like 343i is taking steps toward towing that line of preserving the old and introducing the new for the MCC.

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