A Microsoft Flight Simulator Mod Lets You Observe the Suez Canal Crisis up Close

This Flight Simulator Mod will add some real-life drama in your game and let you check on the Suez Crisis and that one infamous boat. See up and close the cause of billions dollars of damage and become a part of the new trending meme.

A Microsoft Flight Simulator Mod Lets You Observe the Suez Crisis up Close Cover

Art sometimes imitates life, people say. Or in this case, a Microsoft Flight Simulator mod is having fun with an actual predicament. But what exactly is the connection between this extremely popular title and a particularly unlucky boat?

The Suez Canal Crisis has caused a lot of buzz over the course of last week. On the 23rd of March, a ship wedged across the canal connecting The Red and The Mediterranean, preventing vessels from passing. The unfortunate incident lasted six days and caused up to an estimated $9 billion of damage per day. Of course, such a serious event was destined to become a meme, because this the internet after all.

Over the last few days, the web has been flooded with jokes about the unfortunate happenstance of The Ever Given. The fact that the ship’s route charted a course in the shape of male genitalia just before firmly lodging by the sides of the canal might have added some creative fuel to the fire as well.

If, however, you don’t find the above scenario hilarious enough, you can now live the meme as well. By installing this Microsoft Flight Simulator Mod, you can add The Ever Given to the game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Suez Canal Stuck Cargo Ship

In case you consider this addition too simple, you can spice it up by using the Ever Given – Suez Traffic Jam mod instead. It will not only add the tragic ship to the game, but will also reproduce the naval traffic. While the ship has already been moved away, this mod will still allow one to experience all the past chaos. It also adds the heroic excavator, trying to get the boat unstuck. A true cherry on top of the cake, one may say.

With the game being so popular, the amount of Microsoft Flight Simulator mods already out there is no surprise. The title has several mod pages that host thousands of user creations: from airports and popular stadiums to Yokohama Gundam and Stonehenge. There is something for every keen pilot out there, even a stuck boat or two every now and then.

(Video by Donut_Enforcement.)

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