8 Things We Learned About Days Gone at TGS 2018

The World Comes For You in "Days Gone" , but this time "Days Gone" came to us at Tokyo Game Show 2018. With new live gameplay, an explanation from the developer and playable demo booths, there was a lot revealed about the game that we didn't know before. Here are 8 things we learned about Days Gone at TGS 2018.
8 Things We Learned About Days Gone at TGS 2018
Days Gone Booth at Tokyo Game Show 2018

KeenGamer was lucky enough to cover Tokyo Game Show 2018 and the experience was phenomenal. In particular, the forty-minute stage show by Bend Studio covering the upcoming release of Days Gone was one of the biggest highlights of the two-day press event. The fact that they managed to pack so much into just a forty-minute presentation shows us just how much Days Gone has to offer and the incredible work that has been put into the brand new IP.

Complete with an exclusive first-look at fresh gameplay in a live playthrough—as well as an apocalyptic booth for fans to demo the game—the team of Days Gone made a stellar showing at TGS 2018 and as you see more videos and info released by the studio, Days Gone will surely be on your wish list for 2019. To help you get excited for the release, here are 8 Things We Learned About Days Gone at TGS 2018.

1. Active Environment

While most of humanity has been wiped out, the world of Days Gone is still going strong. The game will feature active environments and changing weather which has the ability to make certain enemies stronger and other enemies weaker.

2. Zombies Aren’t the Only Threat

8 Things We Learned About Days Gone at TGS 2018
While when we think of the word zombie we initially see an undead human, Bend Studio revealed that animals too can be infected. Therefore, as the developers constantly quoted during the show, “In Days gone, the world comes for you.” Not only must you survive the humanoid infected trying to rip you apart, you must also be wary of attacks from above in the form of infected birds. 

3. Trust No One

Like most apocalyptic stories, in Days Gone people have been pushed to their limits and what remains is a populace that can’t be trusted. As quoted by John Garvin, the creative director at Bend Studio, people are more dangerous than the “Freakers” (infected people).

4. No Bike, No Life

8 Things We Learned About Days Gone at TGS 2018
In the presentation, Garvin also mentioned that the main character, Deacon only has one motorcycle. Unlike most open-world games where vehicles can be stolen and changed at will, Deacon only has the one means of transportation. Adding realism to the game, the bike must be kept in a good state of repair, and the gas tank must be continuously refilled. Furthermore, throughout the game, Deacon will also be able to upgrade the motorcycle.

5. Story Is Everything

The news from the Days Gone show that made me most happy was the proclamation by Garvin that Days Gone is a story-driven game. Honestly, at first glance when we saw the first gameplay video released by Bend Studio at E3 2016 I thought this would be a slightly better and prettier version of Left 4 Dead where the players only goal is to mindlessly mow down enemies. While mowing down Freakers is an important element of the game, seeing the more dynamic aspects of gameplay and hearing about the story of the game really excited me and pushed me to believe that this is a title that can contend with the highly anticipated The Last of Us: Part 2. 

Garvin stated that there are over twenty main characters in the game and multiple storylines. The story revolves around Deacon and his search for hope and a reason to live on in this forsaken world.

6. Police Cars are Gold

During the live gameplay we saw Deacon looking for a way into a mechanic’s shop and while searching the area he sees a police cruiser. Garvin explained that in Days Gone police cruisers are usually filled with ammo and are like treasure chests which should always be searched thoroughly.

7. Enemy Type: Newts

8 Things We Learned About Days Gone at TGS 2018
While the Newts have been shown before, Garvin explained more details about them at TGS 2018. He said that while Newts are not so powerful on their own compared to other Freakers, they will attack Deacon when his health is low. As well, they tend to remain on roofs which they claim as their territory and they will attack Deacon when he climbs on a roof as well.

8. Freaker Mode

Aside from the story mode, there is also a mode known as “Freaker Mode”. Basically, in Freaker Mode, Deacon is loaded into an area with an incredibly large horde of Freakers. The goal of Freaker Mode is to eliminate every Freaker in the area by any means necessary. Throw all your grenades, spray your automatic rifle and hope for the best, lure them to a gas tank and then shoot at it, all these options are available to you to get the job done. However, usually it takes a variety of methods to survive Freaker Mode.

8 Things We Learned About Days Gone at TGS 2018
What game were you most looking forward to at Tokyo Game Show 2018? What do you think of Days Gone? Let us and our readers know in the comments below. 

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