7 Tips for Perfect Nintendo Switch Winter Break

It’s almost the end of the semester, which means the winter break is so close you can almost taste it. Back at home, with no test to study for or article to read, you can spend your time exactly the way you want to: retreating to the basement and playing your Switch.

7 Tips for Perfect Nintendo Switch Winter Break
With no interruptions except for the occasional family dinner, you have all the time you need to get to the bottom of your next game. All that you’re missing is a few key details to make your winter break gaming session the best it can be.

Whether you’re writing your dissertation or breaking from your very first semester on campus ever, your home base isn’t your parents’ house anymore. You took all the essential gear when you moved out to your dorm or apartment, which means your holiday destination is missing critical hardware.

Double check this list before you leave to guarantee you have everything you need:

  • The Switch itself

Okay, sure, it seems obvious now, but in between celebrating the end of the semester with friends late into the night and catching the early bus home, things can go sideways. You can forget the essentials like underwear or your console if you aren’t careful.

  • A travel carrying case

Throwing your Switch into your bag to bang around with all the rest of your stuff is a bad idea. Any sharp objects could scratch the screen or backing. It could also lose critical hit points when you try to shove your backpack into a crowded overhead compartment. Slipping it into its own messenger bag can help you keep your Switch safe while you aren’t playing it.

  • Your AC adapter and USB-C charger

There’s no point in bringing the Switch home if you have no means to recharge its batteries. While the AC adapter will ensure your Switch charges while docked, the USB-C charger makes recharging even easier. You may want to think about packing a portable battery pack, too. That way you won’t have to worry about hitting 0% halfway through the journey home.

  • The Pro Controller

The Joy-Con are great for when you want to share the Nintendo Switch with your family, but when you want to make serious progress on your latest campaign, you need the wide-set Pro Controller to help you through the next level. Its generous D-pad is easier to hold for long periods of time.

  • Nintendo Switch skins

Although it’s a portable console, the Switch isn’t always prepared for travel. A long journey spent in and out of your backpack can leave it looking worse for wear, so you need to remember to wrap it in a protective Switch skin. If you don’t already have one, you need to get this for your Nintendo Switch. Its 3M material protects it from scratches and grime while improving your grip to prevent you from dropping it mid-play. It also comes in cool designs like black matrix or green camo to keep your Switch looking stylish wherever the holidays take you.

  • Your headphones

Used to the all-nighters that preceded your finals, your sleep schedule is likely out of synch with the rest of your family’s. While you may feel up to a mid-night romp through Hyrule, your parents probably won’t appreciate hearing your adventure while they’re trying to sleep. Don’t forget to pack your headphones, so you can play discretely whenever you feel the urge.

  • A gaming library

What’s a Switch without its games? Sure, you can use the console as a browser or use it to watch the latest Hulu series, but you got it so you can play your favorite games. Although there’s a good bet that you’re going to unwrap Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, don’t count on it. Make sure you pack physical game cartridges if you don’t want to be stuck playing online versions.

So, did this list jog your memory? Hopefully, it managed to kickstart your holiday brain into gear, reminding you to pack the essentials. From protective accessories to the Switch itself, this list makes your dream of gaming through the winter break possible.

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