7 New Things Coming With Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s Last Update

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne last update is coming on October 1st. Along with Fatalis, Capcom is bringing a slew of updates into Iceborne, including Master Rank layered armor, new seasonal festival, Arch-Tempered Velkhana, and more.

7 New Things Coming With Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Last Update cover

After five long years, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne last update is coming on October 1st. While this fifth Title Update is indeed Iceborne‘s “last update”, this just means that Capcom won’t be adding another huge change like a completely new or returning monster to Iceborne. They have promised that more Event Quests will be added to the game later. With that cleared up, let’s see what new additions are coming with Iceborne last update this Thursday.

1. Seliana Fun Fright Fest

With a new season, comes a new festival. Seliana Fright Fest will be available from October 15, 2020, 5 PM through November 5, 2020, 4:59 PM PDT. Once the festival has started you can collect seasonal vouchers to craft the new armor in the new festival: a vampire-themed Demonlord ɑ+ set for your hunter and Frankenstein’s monster inspired set, Frankie ɑ+, for your Palico partner. Not too mention The Handler will be getting a new vampire or succubus-themed outfit as well.

2. Universal Studio Japan Collaboration Armor and Weapons

Hopefully, the decoration slots and skills are worth the wait.

Hopefully, the decoration slots and skills are worth the wait.

The Japan-and-PS4-exclusive Monster Hunter: Iceborne x Universal Studios collaboration comes to the West and other parts of the globe at last. By finishing the collaboration Event Quest and getting the materials, you can craft Azure Star ɑ+ armor for Palico, Azure Starlord layered armor for your Hunter, and completely new Master Rank armors (Azure Age ɑ+ and Azure Era ɑ+) for you and your Palico as well.

3. Master Rank Layered Armor

The patch notes and Monster Hunter Japanese Twitter account has confirmed that Iceborne last update will bring more Master Rank layered armor. Buff Body and Tobi-Kadachi scarf are two of the examples coming in October 1. Although you have to remember that some of them will only appear later when more event quests are added in the near future. Those layered armors probably will need materials from hasn’t-yet-revealed Arch-Tempered monsters.

4. Street Fighter Collaboration Armor for PC

PS4 players have been enjoying this crossover sets since early 2018, but finally, the collaboration costumes and quests are coming to PC as well. To craft the Ryu set, do the “Down the Dark, Muddy Path Arena Quest” and collect seven Street Fighter V Tickets. And four of Street Fighter V Tickets II in “Empress in Full Bloom” I and II Arena Quests for Sakura armor. For the layered version, on PS4 you need to collect tickets from High-Rank Arch-Tempered Nergigante and Lunastra. If they don’t change the requirement, unlocking it shouldn’t be (much of) a problem now that PC players have Master Rank sets.

5. Arch-Tempered Velkhana 

One piece Frostcraft to change the Great Sword meta, please?

One piece Frostcraft to change the Great Sword meta, please?

After Namielle, the Iceborne flagship monster Velkhana will be the second Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon in Master Rank. It will show up in the “The Place Where Winter Sleeps” Event Quest and you can craft Velkhana γ+ armor set from its materials. Let’s hope it strengthens the Frostcraft skill.

6. Additional Skills and Quality of Life Additions

New level three decorations and their skills:

  • Diversion Jewel: Provoker, aggro monsters just like using Showman Earrings.
  • Acrobat Jewel: Safe Landing, faster recovery animation just like using Acrobat Earrings.
  • Shaver Jewel: Clutch Claw Boost, all weapons can drop slinger ammo and tenderize parts in just one hit.

As well as a few, but much needed, quality of life updates:

  • Tenderizing effects inflicted on monsters take longer to disappear.
  • You can now use rarity 9 decorations and higher as materials at the Elder Melder.
  • Soul Stream III has been added to the First Wyverian Ritual at the Elder Melder.
  • More decorations can be melded at Elder Melder.
  • More charms you can craft.
  • Sealed Feystones have a higher chance to drop from the special rewards of investigations for threat level three Tempered monsters.

7. Fatalis Endgame Quest

And last but not least, the world-ending black dragon Fatalis finally comes to the New World. You will be able to face Fatalis after you’ve finished the Alatreon special investigation; which means you’d have to slay Alatreon at least once. Tough job but the Dragon-element Alatreon weapons might be extremely useful for this quest considering it’s weak to Dragon in the old games. Slaying Fatalis and collecting the materials will let you craft the Fatalis ɑ+ armor set along with its weapons.

Back in August’s Developer Diary, Monster Hunter executive director Kaname Fujioka and Iceborne director Daisuke Ichihara teased that Fatalis ɑ+ armor skill might be able to break skill caps. We’ll just have to wait for another couple of days to see how it actually works.

All good things must come to an end. Although it’s a bit sad that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is ending with this last Title Update. But Monster Hunter Rise is coming early next year and hopefully, a new console and PC Monster Hunter will follow soon after. Ready to take on this last hunt? Share with us what you think of Iceborne last update in the comments below.

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