7 New Persona Projects Revealed For 25th Anniversary

With a total of seven projects being announced, Atlus is pulling out all the stops for fans of the series. 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the critically acclaimed JRPG series Persona. Fans have been speculating as to what these projects are, with theories ranging from Persona 6 to a Persona movie.

7 New Persona Projects Revealed For 25th Anniversary Cover

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Persona series, Atlus has announced seven new projects for the IP. 

The announcements will be slowly revealed over the course of the next year, with the first announcement being in September of 2021 and the last announcement being in Autumn of 2022. Among the announcements and merchandise comes a teaser for the potential protagonist of Persona 6.

In the same Twitter thread, two announced titles line up next to the mainline Persona games. 

Although no further information is available at this time, fans of the series are speculating a wide variety of projects, ranging from a Persona 3 remake to a Persona movie. Persona 6 is also still just speculation, although evidence points to it being all but confirmed.

One of the seven projects could be the unreleased CODE NAME: X, a mobile game created by Chinese company Perfect World. CODE NAME: X was announced a few months ago and is an official licensed Persona title despite not being worked on by Atlus. 

Code Name: X (Persona 5 Mobile Game) - Announce Trailer

CODE NAME: X is currently slated to release only in China, and seemingly went dark soon after it was announced. Nevertheless, it remains as a high possible candidate for one of the seven projects.


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