7 Exciting PS5 Showcase Reveals

Sony recently unveiled exciting new additions to the PS5 catalogue through their PS5 Showcase reveals. This list will highlight the 7 newest reveals. From new games to brand new features, the Showcase promised that the next-gen has a lot to offer. Expanding on new promises, in addition to making new ones, the Showcase reassures players of the PS5’s worth.

7 Exciting PS5 Showcase Reveals Cover

Sony’s latest PS5 showcase reveals offer gamers plenty to be excited about. The broadcast was primarily focused on the games we can expect to play during the next-gen of gaming. Whilst the event occasionally reiterated previous announcements, there were new gameplay showcases to keep the hype rolling. Thankfully, the live-stream was absolutely stuffed to the brim with brand new exhibitions. The demonstration served to remind players that the surprises will just keep coming. The next-generation of gaming will be a continuously flowing river, carrying forth constant new experiences. So, what 7 exciting reveals did the showcase focus on this time?

1. Final Fantasy XVI

This was an explosive way to begin the PS5 showcase reveals. Whispers and rumours were beginning to circulate that a new Final Fantasy might be on its way. There was no solid evidence prior to the live-stream, and yet Final Fantasy XVI kicked open the door to the event. The trailer was filled with nostalgia-inducing familiarity, beginning with the iconic theme music. Additionally, the mascot chocobos make their appearance, with various other familiar faces, such as the summons Ifrit and Shiva. However, the game also promises a new direction for the series. Whilst the thematic inclusion of fantasy and the crystals remains, the setting seems to have altered course from recent entries. As the games have progressed in recent years, the setting has become increasingly reminiscent of modern times. This entry seems to be taking the franchise back to its medieval-inspired fantasy routes.

Final Fantasy 16 - Reveal Trailer | PS5 Showcase

On the other hand, the combat seems more familiar to recent instalments. Discarding the turn-based combat of the past, the game has opted for a more action-orientated approach. The gameplay seems to mirror games such as Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts, although it is likely an evolution. Little is known about the title at present, but it is a reminder that the franchise is here to stay. 

2. Hogwarts Legacy

An unexplored 1800s Hogwarts is ready for new students

An unexplored 1800s Hogwarts is ready for new students

Sony said, “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” and revealed the secrets of Hogwarts Legacy. Whilst the game had been rumoured to be in development for some time, this is its official debut. The game is reported to be an open-world adventure based in the wizarding world. The trailer provided was a cinematic glimpse into the recreated world of wizardry, with promises of the experience ahead. Whilst it will provide a magical Hogwarts fixated experience; your adventures will go far beyond the castle grounds. Additionally, their will be a unique setting for fans of the Harry Potter stories, refusing to re-tread old ground. Instead, it will be set in the 1800s, promising a quest within this unwritten era of the wizarding school. Whilst it will undoubtedly be filled with familiar easter-eggs, this refreshing take on Hogwarts presents players a unique adventure.

3. Devil May Cry V: Special Edition

Vergil's untold story will be revealed in DMC V Special Edition

Vergil’s untold story will be revealed in DMC V Special Edition

Gamers may be aware that Devil May Cry V was released for current-gen consoles in 2019. However, the PS5 Showcase reveals that the game will be making a resurgence with a special edition for next-gen. From the gameplay trailer, we can see that the core aspects of the original will be present within this release. Even so, the trailer teases an exciting new addition to the game from the get-go. The trailer opens not with Dante or Nero, but instead the iconic voice of long-time series antagonist Vergil. The ability to play as the villainous brother of Dante is a compelling new feature. Each playable character comes with a diverse and thrilling move-set, and Vergil is no exception. His involvement promises a thrilling new combat style to learn. While it was not clear whether further updates will be added, it is a welcome addition to the PS5 line-up.

4. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach - Teaser Trailer | PS5

Not much was unveiled regarding this new instalment in the frightening Five Nights at Freddy’s series. However, from the trailer, it’s clear that the unsettling atmosphere of the series is back to haunt gamers again. The nightmarish animatronics are back and ready to hunt a new unsuspecting victim. Whilst the franchise is a long one, owing much of its popularity to online lets-plays, this announcement was a surprise. The last entry, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted, was released in 2019. The newest game seems to be bigger than ever, set in a modern gigantic shopping mall. The setting offers a variety of locations for players to hide, including an arcade, laser tag area and cinema. Little was displayed, but the first-person horror game serves to be an exhilarating evolution of the series to date.

5. PlayStation Plus Collection

The PS5 Showcase reveals a PS Plus subscription is about to be far more generous

The PS5 Showcase reveals a PS Plus subscription is about to be far more generous

One of the biggest game-changing PS5 Showcase reveals was the announcement of the PlayStation Plus Collection. Whilst Microsoft was seemingly offering a unique service through Game Pass; Sony has now revealed its own competing solution. Gamers who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus will now receive this exceptional new deal. Essentially, the service will be offering players old PS4 classics to be downloaded and played on PS5. This bountiful membership will bring many of PlayStation’s best hits to the PS5 at launch. At present, this feature seems to come at no extra cost to existing subscribers. Not all games will be available; however, Sony promises titles such as God of War and Bloodborne amongst the collection.

6. Price and Release Date

A deciding factor for many gamers, the prices for both console editions are out

A deciding factor for many gamers, the prices for both console editions are out

One of the primary reasons many viewers might have tuned in to the event was to finally witness the console’s price declaration. Speculation has circulated online for many months regarding the console’s potential cost, but now we finally have a definitive answer. There are two prices gamers need to consider, as it depends on whether you purchase the standard or digital editions. Gamers seeking a standard PS5 will be purchasing one for £449.99/$499.99. Players seeking the digital edition will instead find their consoles priced at £359.99/$399.99. What’s more, the release date was finally unveiled for both consoles, although it varies depending on your region. In the Us, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, the console releases November 12th.  For the rest of the world, the PS5 will launch November 19th. You can read our fall breakdown of the price and release date.

7. God of War Ragnarok

A frozen logo promises another cold Norse adventure

A frozen logo promises another cold Norse adventure

Finally, the event closed with a small teaser promising the release of the next God of War title. The series recently made a triumphant return with its newest entry in 2018. Winning the Game of the Year Award, it’s safe to say it was a successful entry in PlayStation’s catalogue. Now, the next instalment is promised to return to the icy Nordic realms in God of War Ragnarok. From the title alone, we can expect even more god slaying than the previous chapter. However, the PS5 Showcase reveals an even more exciting detail regarding its release, promising a 2021 launch. This is much sooner than many players anticipated. As such, the wait to step into the large boots of Kratos once more will be brief. Although we can likely expect more details to come, it is enticing to know the next adventure is so close at hand.

The Best Is Yet To Come

While the event didn’t simply focus on new reveals, Sony’s continuous output of new games is a huge selling point. No doubt there will be even more fantastic news in the future, given Sony’s current course. Regardless, which of the PS5 Showcase reveals left you the most excited? Did any convert you to the PlayStation 5 as your chosen next-gen console? We cannot wait to hear more from Sony about what the PS5 has to offer.

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