5 Biggest Features of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection

In an exclusive meeting held during Tokyo Game Show 2018 NIS America teased their newest releases and upcoming titles. The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is a dark horse on the market right now that hopes to ride the retro rebirth wave started by the NES Mini. Here are the 5 biggest features of the title that'll get retro gamers everywhere reaching for their wallets.

5 Biggest Features of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection
In an exclusive meeting with NIS and NIS America we had the chance to get briefed on the highlights of all their upcoming and recently released titles. One title in particular that had the retro gamer is us excited is the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection set to release on November 13th, 2018 on the Nintendo Switch. The features they revealed really got us amped up for the upcoming title. Riding the recent retro wave brought on by the NES and SNES mini, NIS America pulled no punches with this release and retro gamers everywhere will rejoice in all they’ve packed into this title. Here are the key features of the upcoming release.

1. Cabinet Mode

5 Biggest Features of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection
If you’re young enough to have played video games in a classic arcade you’ll remember that quarters were gold and that many games were played in vertical view not horizontal. This is especially true for shooters. Knowing that, SNK programmed for smooth and seamless shifts from horizontal to vertical orientation for games that were originally meant to be played vertically in classic arcade cabinet mode. Simply tilt the Nintendo Switch and stand it in a vertically upright fashion and the game can be easily flipped to match the screen just as quickly as a smartphone can.

2. Rewind Mode

Forgot to save? No problem! The collection also features a rewind mode for every game. If you die, simply rewind in a Life is Strange sort of fashion and pick up where you left off.

3. Jump-in

A pre-recorded speedrun or “perfect play”  has been included for every game allowing you to fast forward and rewind to your heart’s content and pick up and play the game form literally any point. The ability to jump in to any point of the game as well as rewind is especially useful for those who are into speedrunning and want to perfect any mistakes they may have made.

4. SNK Museum

For lovers of SNK or retro gaming in general, the SNK Museum will be a dream come true. NIS America described the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection  as a project of historical preservation just as much as it is a stellar retail product. The SNK Museum will be available on disc and will be jampacked with tons of material including original hand-drawn concept art and comics never released in North America.

5. 23 Games

5 Biggest Features of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection
While we continuously hope that more games will be added, at the moment NIS America confirmed that the title will include 13 on-disc titles. 10 additional titles will be included as downloadable games for a total of 23 games all in one convenient package.
The game is so far set to release only on the Nintendo Switch at a retail price of $39.99 USD for the standard edition and $64.99 for the limited edition both currently available for pre-order.

Will you be picking up the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection? Let us and our readers know what you think of the upcoming release in the comments below!

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