400% More PS5 Consoles Being Shipped to the US

According to one financial analyst, shipments of PS5 consoles to the US were up 400% last month. This massive increase in physical units could see many patient players finally getting their hands on a PS5 just before the release of God of War: Ragnarök. Hopefully, other regions will be getting their supply soon.

400% More PS5s Being Shipped to the US

David Gibson has confirmed a huge 400 percent increase in PlayStation 5 console shipments, year-over-year, for September this year. This information was conveyed in a graph showing US imports from June 2021 onwards, with a clear jump just last month. Especially when compared to September 2021.

Unfortunately, these figures relate to US imports only. So while it is currently unclear whether regions like Europe and Asia will receive a similar boost in stock, here’s hoping they do. It would make sense for Sony financially, after all, as the Christmas holiday period is right around the corner, and many fans are still eager to get their hands on a PS5.

PS5 stock issues have been a point of contention for many fans, with consoles absurdly difficult to find, but hopefully, this is a step in the right direction for Sony. Even if they did announce a raise in prices not that long ago.


Reasons for Increased Supplies

David Gibson mentions that he believes that he believes this massive increase in stock is due in part to the upcoming release of God of War Ragnarök. This highly-anticipated follow-up to 2018’s God of War is scheduled for release on November 11 this year. And as it is also Sony’s next big first-party release, it is understandable that Sony would want as many players as possible to experience it on PS5. Supply issues have led God of War Ragnarök, as well as many other titles to release simultaneously on both last- and current-gen hardware.

In a related report, last week Sony claimed to be aiming to produce up to 2 million units of its latest upcoming hardware, the PSVR2 headset, by March 2023. As PSVR2 will only be compatible with PS5 consoles (and not PS4), stocks will need to increase to accommodate players wanting to get stuck into PSVR2’s exclusive games and experiences.

God of War Ragnarök releases this November - hopefully, alongside a new wave of PS5 consoles.

God of War Ragnarök releases this November – hopefully, alongside a new wave of PS5 consoles.

Sony stated that a “relief of the supply chain bottlenecks”, which were the cause of the PS5’s initial low stock headaches, has allowed them to greatly increase production. As a result, it appears the nightmare might finally be over, as very soon many players will be able to get their hands on both a PS5 console and the new PSVR2 headset when it launches early next year.    

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