3dRudder Announces Foot-Based Controller for PSVR

A new peripheral for PSVR is coming, and it might just be a game changer. The intriguing little thing is a special foot-controlled movement device for use within PSVR. The device will be coming June 2019.

3dRudder announces Foot based controller for PSVR
Gamers will have an all-new way to experience virtual reality on the Playstation after the 3dRudder company announced the 3dRudder device, a controller one can use with their feet to affect their game.

The Playstation Blog has a list of the 35+ games supporting this interesting device, which is set to launch in June of this year. The “controller” of sorts has no buttons and is specifically for movement, movement which you physically use your feet for. Technically, this device has existed for some time, but this is the first time it is coming to PSVR officially. The controls include as follows: Tilting your feet (forward, backward, left, right, diagonally).

The product’s official advertisement can be seen below:

3dRudder for PlayStation®VR - Trailer

You can pre-order the device now for about $120 at 3dRudder’s official store.

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