2K Announces WWE 2K Battlegrounds with Trailer

2K have just dropped a trailer to their new game, WWE 2K Battlegrounds. After the confirmed news that WWE 2K21 won't be happening this year, 2K are still working on a WWE game despite all the negativity of the last game they released.

2K Announces WWE 2K Battlegrounds

2K has just revealed a trailer for a new game called WWE 2K Battlegrounds. With the confirmed news that WWE 2K21 won’t be happening this year, 2K are providing something else.

The trailer showcased wrestlers like The Rock, John Cena, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair. All of the wrestlers had cartoon-ish models and were doing over the top maneuvers. The game echoes WWE All-Stars in a way, but in a 2K format.

2K has been thrown under the bus for the past few months. Since the release of WWE 2K20, fans have voiced their displeasure of the game. WWE 2K20 was an unfinished mess with many glitches and bugs. 2K have patched the game a few times, but most fans have turned away from it due to their first impressions. The game may have been like this due to their partner developer, Yuke’s, leaving during development of the game.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Teaser Trailer

Since 2K is going with a more arcade style with this game, it could bring those fans back who preferred that style in a WWE game. Since 2K took over, that arcade style that was once in WWE games has vanished. It could be the turnaround the company needs coming off WWE 2K20. The only thing the trailer didn’t show was what platform the game would be available on. If 2K learns from their mistakes with the last game they released, WWE 2K Battleground could be a good game.

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