2 Division Bugs Patched

Two of the major bugs in The Division have now been patched by Ubisoft but the loot glitch is still running
When the Division falls society rises...
Two major glitches in Tom Clancy’s The Division have now been patched after being heavily exploited, according to a post from the official Ubisoft forum.

The first fix was for the "double revive" glitch, which allowed players to revive a downed teammate, and then hold down the "interact" button in order to stock an extra life for the next time their buddy goes down. The second fix was for the weapon talent bug which meant that players could easily stack talent bonuses of their weapons by quickly switching between guns.

Unfortunately, the biggest bug which sees players gaining large amounts of loot in the Falcom Lost Incursion and not facing the boss, still hasn’t been fixed. Ubisoft have stated they are looking into find ways of punishing players who abuse the bugs. A bit harsh considering it’s a problem within the game itself.

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