16 European Players Confirmed for PES LEAGUE

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has announced the first 16 European PES 2017 players to qualify for the first Regional Final of the PES LEAGUE ROAD TO CARDIFF competition.

16 European Players Confirmed for PES LEAGUE
Following intense competition across all of Europe, the first wave of entrants have been confirmed and will now head to FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou on February 11thto compete in the first European Regional Final to determine the first four players to win a place at the Grand Final to be held alongside the UEFA Champions League final in Cardiff and for a chance to win the $200,000 main prize.

The qualifying players embarked on a challenging run-in, playing online matches against their peers and finishing within the top 16 players in their local Road to Cardiff European Season 1 Ladder. Their 15 best results over a 21-day period were tabulated to determine the best 16 players, with a secondary online competition used to determine the finalists.

The European players heading to Camp Nou are: KIngOfPro1988 (Greece), Enigmaa03 (Turkey), dNationPT (Portugal), Aloosh20 (Denmark), E_C_Oneill (Netherlands), Lutti-1 (Austria), TheWezzatron (UK & Ireland), daretosidi (UK & Ireland) josesg93 (Spain), Ruben-94_ (Spain), hamsun00 (Italy), Ju20no (Italy), Mike_L_CL (Germany), Zidane_GoooL (Germany), Kiliazuslokascri (Rest of Europe), the_sky_s_limit_ (Rest of Europe).

16 European Players Confirmed for PES LEAGUE
The 16 competitors will gather at Camp Nou for a gala competition on February 11th. FC Barcelona and KONAMI enjoy a very close relationship, with PES 2017 the only game to feature an in-game recreation of the illustrious stadium. Each player will take part in a series of knock-out matches, with the top four qualifying for the Cardiff final, with the day’s winner also picking up a $20,000 cash prize.

European PES LEAGUE ROAD TO CARDIFF Season 2 will take place from February 23rd through until March 23rd, with another four players looking to make it through to Cardiff. Four from the Americas, two from Asia, and one representing the rest of world will join these European players, alongside one special challenger to be selected at a later stage. All 16 will then convene at a gala event in June, where they will compete for stunning prizes ahead of this year’s UEFA Champions League Final in Cardiff.

 “The standards of this year’s Official PES LEAGUE is proving incredibly high, and the skill of those that have made it this far is breath-taking,” commented Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director – Brand & Business Development for Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. “The strength of those heading to Camp 

Nou for the first Regional Final is certain to guarantee a tight battle for the first places at the Grand Final. We wish all those heading to Barcelona the very best of luck.”

Full details and schedules of KONAMI’s exciting plans for PES LEAGUE tournament can be found on the official website 

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