10 New games to turn up your February 2017

It's the second month of the year already and if you haven't found any good game to play until now, don't worry; this problem ends right now. See the new ten games to be thrilled about and play in this February.

10 New games to turn up your February 2017

10 New games to turn up your February 2017,Night in the woods.


Night in the Woods is an incredible and very unique adventure game, you can be completely turned off or psyched by the animation style, and despite the simple and sometimes too-cute look, the game tells a deep, very recurrent, and human story, the story is about a college dropout Mae Borowski returning home for a former mining town of Possum Springs, Mae is seeking to resume her old and aimless life while also reconnecting with the friends she left behind, but nothing is like it used to be, home is different and her friends have grown and changed, and of course there's something going on in the woods.

Even though the atmosphere of the game and the game itself can be a little too dark, depressing or creepy, the game does have its moments of light and charm.

If you're into this kind of more introspective game, then you should definitely check it out!

It'll be available for PC, PS4, and Linux.

The release date is February 21, 2017.

10 New games to turn up your February 2017,Lego Worlds.


The game Lego Worlds is basically Lego's take on Minecraft, you might wonder why did they take so long, and you might as well just wonder why they're even bothering to just make another Minecraft-like game.

The deal is, it's not just another Minecraft-like game, Lego does give the game its own personality and tools that no other game that just tried to be like Minecraft has.

The way it's being presented, Lego Worlds will be what every Minecraft player ever wanted, because you're still able to build, collect, and everything you're used to, but the world around you, your creations and everything won't be static, they will be vivid, and the player's characters will also be more than just a cubic body and face. In the game you will be able to have functioning planes, dragons and tons more.

It'll be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The release date is February 24, 2017.

10 New games to turn up your February 2017,Berserk and the band of the Hawk.


Berserk and the band of the Hawk is one of the most iconic manga of all time and now it's getting a hack-and-slash game that even though like any other game of this genre can get a little repetitive, only the fact that is centered in the Berserk Universe and have great graphics can get fans really happy and satisfied.

For gamers who are not familiar with the manga, the characters, and the universe; the game might not be so appealing from a long-term perspective, but it's certainly worth checking out for the action, the different characters you can play with, and the lore that even though is not the core of the whole game is still very interesting and can introduce you a little bit to the Berserk Universe.

The game has dynamic combat mechanics that make the action package incredibly interesting instead of massively boring or repetitive like other hack-and-slash games, and the immersive and surprisingly well-done visuals build amazing esthetic explosions on the screens when combos and special attacks are being executed,and there's the whole world around you full of its own characteristics and interesting aspects that can really make you spend hours and hours in the game just for the world itself.
Even though we know it can be hard to achieve a balanced and good looking game when you go for a more Hq/Manga visual style, fortunately, the manga itself has more of a realistic art style, so I believe it helped a lot, in this case. If you're a Berserk fan, I truly think you will have the best experience ever offered so far of what it might feel to be inside of Berserk's world.

It'll be available for PS4 and PC.

The release date is February 21, 2017.

10 New games to turn up your February 2017,Ys Origin.


YS Origin is the prequel to the whole JRPG franchise and an incredible (and deserved) 10 years anniversary gift to the fans.

The game brings new features such as optimized visuals and effects, improved UI and menus, and for the first time, the game will be available in French, Italian, German, and Spanish, besides Japanese and English.

Even though it's a new game, it keeps everything the fans fell in love with and only make it better, going from the iconic art style, beautiful soundtrack, to the classic RPG mechanics and interesting, touching story.
The story of YS Origins takes place 700 years before the first episode published in 1987, after a terrible demon invasion, the twin goddesses use their magic to bring the inhabitants of legendary YS safely into the sky,the demons will work to construct a Devil's Tower to reach the humans again,and while this is happening the goddesses disappear.

In YS Origin you don't play as Adol, instead, you'll be able to choose between two characters, Yunica a talented mighty warrior who is adept with the ax, and Hugo a cunning sorcerer who uses powerful spells.
Your mission as Yunica or Hugo is to seek for and protect the twin goddesses, fulfilling than a promise you made to your father.

It'll be available for PS4 and PS vita.

The release date is February 21, 2017. 

10 New games to turn up your February 2017,Nioh.


The game Nioh is an action-adventure game developed by Team Ninja and is a PS4 exclusive.

The game has a lot of the Darks Souls franchises' elements, and also RPG elements like different types of loot, weapons, upgrades, and armor. But the big appeal of this game is the mastery level you need to reach to be able to complete the game.

If you're a hardcore gamer, then you'll most definitely like it. You'll be forced to really dedicate yourself and dive into this game by the game battle mechanics, they are not very difficult to understand at first but they're definetely difficult to know when to use what and how to know the best way to go against an opponent.

Even though the game has a lot of similarities to Dark Souls, the setting of the game is very different, it's a 16th Century Japan in a fantasy and very dark version of it. The Japanese setting of the game provide you with lots of references to Japan's culture and also because of the lore that involves a war with Europe, tons of European cultural references too.

The soundtrack and the graphics of the game are absolutely stunning, the visuals are super high quality, colorful and bright, and the music is just so touching and always combines perfectly with what that happens.

It'll be available for PS4.

The release date is February 7, 2017.

10 New games to turn up your February 2017,Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Torment: Tides of Numenera was funded through Kickstarter and raised over 4 Million dollars, it's very story-driven and features a very rich and personal narrative approach, also with complex character interaction.

Torment continues the theme legacy of Planescape: Torment, a critically acclaimed role-playing game from 1999 that is considered by many people as a hallmark for storytelling in PC RPGs.

If you're really into RPG's this game is completely made for you.

It'll be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The release date is February 28, 2017.

10 New games to turn up your February 2017,Sniper Elite 4.


Even though Sniper Elite 4 comes from a low-budget series, it has many fans, and it's releasing a continuation to what the fans love the most, it brings back the same gameplay with some improvements,
and it also seems to give the gamer a more open environment, not exactly an open world, but you're able now to do more because of a significant bigger map, you also have more characters and weapons.

The mechanics that made the series famous and loved by many, like the sniper shots showing x-ray views of bullets destroying and exploding people's skulls and hearts, shattering arms and legs; this beautiful mechanic, fortunately, stays in this new game of the franchise and with better graphics.

It'll be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The release date is February 14, 2017.

10 New games to turn up your February 2017,Halo Wars 2.


In Halo Wars 2, we don't see many big changes or extreme different additions of mechanics or gameplay, but it seems to improve very well everything left from its predecessor.

Halo Wars 2 brings in the biggest Halo Battlefield ever, and the return of the Spirit of Fire.
The story sees the Spirit of Fire and those who survived of her crew going directly into the action and facing complete new threats, The Banished and the massively powerful Brute, Atriox.

The Xbox controls suffered minor but important changes. If you double tap the right bumper is now used for all units, letting the left bumper for speeding up the camera and the right trigger is now a modifier key, letting you able to create up to four command groups and opening up more strategic options for you.

Halo Wars 2 keeps the same great speed and rhythm as its predecessor, and it looks amazing while doing so, there's much more foliage and details in the game world than could expect but the most promising thing about this game is that the story takes place after Halo 5, and it's being developed by 343 industries.

It'll be available for PC, and Xbox One.

The release date is February 21, 2017.

10 New games to turn up your February 2017,For Honor.


The next big Ubisoft game, can at first look to be just a lazy company attempt to make a Chivalry-like game; to make a big budget without having to focus too much on story and single player campaign, and even though it might not be a completely false statement, the game is a lot more skill focused than the poor Chivalry we all know, and the new generation graphics and tons of other details the company has added into the game make For Honor everything Chivalry players ever wanted but could never get from it.

In the game, you will be able to play the Knight, Viking or Samurai factions, each one with their different play styles, there are those with the most speed, those with the most strength, and those with the best possibilities for striking a combo. In each faction, you have different class options, for example, in the Vikings faction, you can choose to be a Berserker, Raider, Warlord or a Valkyrie. If you choose the Knights faction you will be able to choose between the classes of The Conquerors, The Wardens, The Peacekeepers and The Lawbringers. If you choose to play in the Samurai's faction you will be able to choose between the classes of The Orochi, The Kensei, The Shugoki and The Nobushi.

The environments of the maps are very colorful and rich in details, references, really just everything, the characters are very detailed too, and the gameplay is amazing.
Just like Nioh, the controls are not very hard but the game battle mechanics will ask you to know how to make the best attack strategy possible with them.
Even though the single player campaign is not the focus of the game, it does exist, but the big attraction is definitely multiplayer.
The game seems to be pretty challenging, making you really have to invest and dedicate yourself to the game to be good at it.

It'll be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The release date is February 14, 2017.

10 New games to turn up your February 2017,Horizon: Zero Dawn.


Horizon: Zero Dawn, from Gorilla Games, looks incredibly ambitious and weird; but in a very awesome way.
The game is a completely new take on what a post-apocalyptic future might be like, where the artificial intelligence and machines become sort of wild animals, and you play as a girl who wants to figure out how this world and reality controlled by wild animal machines came to be and also unveil mysteries about her past and her own story.
It seems to be an extremely different, refreshing, fun and bold new IP.

It'll be available for PS4.

The release date is February 28, 2017.

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