Retro Controllers Remade For The Switch

Third party hardware creators, 8Bitdo have released a new range of retro controllers for the Switch. They retain all the retro styling we knew and loved as children and have added functionality of our modern times. What that means is that they are all wireless via Bluetooth and can even be paired with PC / MAC, Android / iOS and in some cases, even the SNES Classic if you were lucky enough to get one!

The N30 Arcade

Retro Controllers Remade For The Switch - The N30 Arcade
This one is perfect for those of us who think back to the old arcade days of Street Fighter, Tekken and Mortal Kombat. Of course this slick reimagining of the retro arcade style stick can be used on a vast majority of your favourite modern games too! The N30 Arcade is chargeable via USB cable, has a staggering eighteen hours of battery life and even sports programmable buttons!

The NES Style N30

Retro Controllers Remade For The Switch - NES Style N30
Inspired by the original NES, the N30 controller packs in bluetooth technology while staying true to the design principles of the original.  
This is the one to look for if you own a NES Classic! Proud owners of the highly sought after retro console will want to pick this one up to proudly complete their modern / retro collection. 

The Famicom Style F30 Pro

Retro Controllers Remade For The Switch - F30 Pro
For the perfect blend of modern and retro, the Famicom F30 Pro squeezes all the modern functionality that’s possible into a sleek retro style. It comes with all the functionality of the N30 Arcade as well as twin sticks for those more camera oriented games of today. It sports a curvy and ergonomic design to sit comfortably in your hands for those extra beefy gaming sessions. 

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Retro Controllers Remade For The Switch - 8Bitdo Speakers
Releasing at the same time as the above controllers, 8Bitdo are proud to announce their latest wireless speakers, also compatible with the Switch. These little beauties are great for amplifying the gaming experience for those on the move. Perhaps buyers could enjoy the surprisingly high level of sound quality with their games while kicking back in a hotel room or their local park. 

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