New, Slimmer Switch Model Releasing In 2019

A recent leak suggests the Big 'N' is planning to release a new model of the Switch in 2019 focusing solely on portability in order to cut costs. If true, what does this news mean for the future of the 3DS console line?

New, Slimmer Switch Model Releasing In 2019
With recent rumors buzzing around the industry of Nintendo planning to release a new model of their hybrid Switch console, a report from the Japanese financial newspaper, The Nikkei, seems to reveal a bit of truth to these claims.

The new model of the Switch is said to focus more on the handheld function, possibly cutting out the docked mode all together. Other rumors have been claiming the reworked design will offer slimmed down hardware, as well as a longer battery life. However, none of these details have been officially confirmed by Nintendo.

Removing these extra costs would surely lower the retail price of the console, as well as offer a smaller, dedicated handheld option to those mobile-only gamers who wish to enjoy the Switch's library of games — but aren't willing to shell out the current asking price of the current Switch model.

The new Switch model is said to release in the fiscal year of 2019 which runs from April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020. If these leaks are true, Nintendo should be making the announcement in due time.

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