New Nintendo 3DS XL Colours are coming to Europe

If you ever ask a Nintendo hardware designer if they've seen Orange Is the New Black, don't be surprised if they answer, "why not both?"

New Nintendo 3DS XL Colours are coming to Europe
Nintendo’s current handheld is getting a fresh lick of paint as the New 3DS XL now comes available in Orange + Black and Pearl White. Their recently announced Nintendo Switch console boast the ability to comfortably play video games at home on the TV AND while you’re out and about. However, despite seemingly treading on their own toes, Nintendo are steadfast in reassuring consumers that their dedicated handheld line, the (New) Nintendo 3DS family isn’t done yet. Whether players are looking for some retro fun on their TVs with the Nintendo Classic Mini, or a reliable portable gaming console in time for Christmas, Nintendo have got you covered.

New Nintendo 3DS XL - New colours available now!

As well as the aforementioned colours, The Nintendo 3DS XL is also available in Metallic Black, Metallic Blue and Pink + White in Europe, as well as a number of special editions based on various game series such as Monster Hunter or The Legend of Zelda.

The new colours aren’t available in North America unfortunately, an idea almost as curious as not releasing an Orange and Black product in time for Halloween. But it wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo have raised a few questions. But until that New Galaxy Style makes it way over to Europe, no-one should feel too jealous.

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