New Discless Xbox One S Rumored For Release In May

The Xbox brand of consoles has been flooring the industry with a flurry of rumors surrounding new consoles, both current and next gen. The latest rumor pushes the idea of an all-digital future for the industry with Microsoft leading the charge accompanying the buzz of a discless Xbox One S console coming this year. Is this an appropriate direction for Microsoft as they begin to close out their current generation of Xbox consoles?

New Discless Xbox One S Rumored For Release In May
In a report from Windows Central, Microsoft may be looking to expand its Xbox One lineup of consoles with an all-digital version of the One S model. Originally codenamed "Xbox Maverick", the new discless Xbox is said to be aptly titled the "Xbox One S All-Digital Edition". The new, and possibly final, version of the Xbox One console line is reported to release this coming May with pre-orders set to start in April with a possible coinciding global launch.

The new disc-drive lacking Xbox could be one massive push into an all-digital future that many players have been dreading. With Microsoft set to continue its plunge into GaaS (Games as a Service) territory with Xbox Game Pass and the upcoming Project xCloud streaming service, a discless Xbox One seems like an appropriate move for the Microsoft's struggling console division.

With recent reports of Microsoft looking to reveal their next generation of consoles at this year's E3 event, perhaps the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition model is a testing ground for whether or not the all-digital feature is implemented for Microsoft branded consoles in the coming years, or not.

The report also claims a new Fortnite Edition bundle is expected to be revealed which will come with a custom designed Xbox console. No further information has been revealed on which of the many models of Xbox the new battle royale bundle will feature, or what will come packed in with the bundle itself.

Though an official confirmation has yet to surface, the continued buzz around the discless Xbox One console has seen a steady stream of leaks which help point towards some truth behind the rumors. Stay tuned for more info and a possible official confirmation on the rumors surrounding the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, as well as the Fortnite Edition bundle.

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