HTC announced more companies joining Vive X accelerator

HTC has announced the second wave of companies to join its global virtual reality accelerator program, Vive X. Over 30 companies are being called up into the accelerator and will receive funding and support to grow their VR and AR ideas.

HTC announced more companies joining Vive X accelerator
The Vive X program launched in 2016 and has now invested in over 60 companies around the world, making it one of the leading investors in the space. While currently Vive X businesses are based in San Francisco, Beijing, Shenzen and Taipei, HTC are already eying up a potential Vive X in Israel and is looking for applications in that region.

This second wave includes Forbidden Mechanism, created by the founders of VR games outfit Phospher Games, who were responsible for horror The Brookhaven Experiment. The company are looking to create a VR-native competitive online shooter.

There are far more applications however, with other companies coming into the accelarator to work in industrial, medical, and business fields, and pioneering innovation in 360-degree cameras, virtual reality tools and other parts of a healthy virtual reality infrastructure.

“Vive X works with the most promising VR/AR companies to advance innovation and move the whole industry forward. We’re continuing to invest in and support the development of foundational platform services and hardware advancements, as well as expanding areas like enterprise, commerce, education, health, social, and eSports,” said Marc Metis, global head of Vive X.

You can check UploadVR to see the new companies joining the accelerator, and thanks Develop-online for this news piece.

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