Bionik reveals Mantis VR headphones for PSVR

Bionik have announced Mantis VR, a new high quality integrated headset for Playstation VR.

Bionik reveals Mantis VR headphones for PSVR
Releasing soon, Bionik have unveiled an integrated audio solution for PS VR. Titled 'Mantis VR', the headphones will release this spring.

Mantis VR heaphones
Bionik's official website states:

Take your virtual reality gaming to the next level with an innovative headset that easily attaches to your PlayStation VR. A unique and revolutionary design makes for a seamlessly integrated experience.

Mantis VR Features:

  • Patent pending design.
  • Eliminates ear fatigue that occurs with regular headphones or earbuds.
  • Lightweight, rests gently on the ear without sacrificing sound.
  • Creates an immersive experience that puts you directly in the game.
  • Dust-proof and tangle-resistant.
  • Connects directly to the headset to consolidate hardware, making it easier to wear and store.
  • Compliments the design and color scheme of the PlayStation VR.
  • Easy to install and adjust – clips effortlessly onto the headset band and can flip on and off ear with ease.

You can order the headphones from Amazon for $49.99.

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