A Nintendo Switch FAQ

Did the Nintendo Switch presentation left you with more questions than there are Super Mario games? Kotaku have you covered. The popular gaming website recently reached out to Nintendo looking to clarify a few details concerning their newest console, and they responded.

A Nintendo Switch FAQ
Thanks to Kotaku, Nintendo have explained a number of aspects about the Switch that players may have been concerned about before, and may well continue to be concerned about after. Despite refusing to comment more times than a politician in the midst of a scandal, Nintendo informed Kotaku of some functionality on Nintendo Switch, and how it differs from previous consoles.

First, if you were hoping to point at the TV with a Joy-Con and see a little Mario glove tracking your movements, you may be disappointed. The Switch will not be backwards compatible with games or controllers made for former consoles. May your sensor bar rest in peace.

Furthermore, it will not release with any bundled or pre-downloaded software. This means that 1 2 Switch, the game widely seen as this generations answer to the Wii U’s Nintendo Land and the Wii’s Wii Sports, will not come as a package-in game. Nor will there be any pre-downloaded games like Face Raiders on the 3DS or the all-but-dead Miiverse which is only being continued on Wii U and 3DS (although it’s likely to still be accessible through the console’s browser). This shouldn’t stop separate retailers around the globe from selling their own bundles and deals to shift units. The response stated the following.

Every launch is different, and with each one we try to make the best decision for the consumer, marketplace and our company. We believe the hardware configuration at the price point we’ve chosen is a great consumer value. The consumer will have their choice of great software for the system.


The Nintendo Switch connected to the TV with the controller separated

The Nintendo Switch connected to the TV with the controller separated

The Switch will have 32GB internal memory, with the option to expand through micro SDXC cards up to 2TB in size. There’s no support for external USB drives at launch, but they’re looking into adding it post-launch, as well as video recording and streaming functionality.

Finally, Mii characters, the personalised avatars utilised in several Nintendo games and systems since the Nintendo Wii, appear to be less prominent in the Switch. Mii Maker has been moved into the system settings. They are simply available for developers to employ in their games and can be used to “represent a user profile, but are not required”. If this can be taken as a sign that Miis are on their way out, alongside your sensor bar, miiverse and region locking, this grave is getting pretty crowded.

The full article can be found at the link below. The Nintendo Switch is scheduled to launch worldwide on March 3rd 2017.

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