What Do We Think of Post-Launch Loot Boxes? – Keen Cast Ep. 10

On the 10th episode of Keen Cast, David, Sean, and Tim voice their opinions on post-launch loot boxes, among other topics.

What Do We Think of Post-Launch Loot Boxes? – Keen Cast Ep. 10 – Image by Tim Ronan

Welcome to Keen Cast, KeenGamer’s official podcast! Join David LozadaSean Rehbein, and Tim Ronan as they talk about the week’s hottest news stories and dissect the latest controversy shaking up the video game industry. In our tenth episode, we voice our opinions on post-launch loot boxes and discuss whether or not we’re apprehensive of the developers and publishers who’ve implemented them.

We also talk about Pokemon‘s Ash Ketchum becoming a League Champion after more than two decades, Billy Mitchell’s latest lawsuit, KFC’s official dating simulator, our beloved Sneak King, and all the major news from this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Check out links and timestamps to all of our topics below:

News Stories:

  1. KFC’s Colonel Sanders gets an official dating simulator (00:21:13)
  2. Tokyo Game Show 2019 (00:27:43)
    1. Final Fantasy VII trailer
    2. System Shock 3 pre-alpha gameplay trailer
    3. Nioh 2 trailer
    4. Death Stranding gameplay presentation
  3. Ash Ketchum finally becomes a league champion after 22 years (00:40:19)
  4. Billy Mitchell threatens legal action against Twin Galaxies (00:46:05)

Topic of the Show:

What do we think of post-launch loot boxes? (00:51:36)

Loot boxes should be regulated as gambling, UK parliament says

The ESA ‘strongly disagrees’ with UK commission’s finding on loot boxes

Nail in the Coffin – Our official consensus – 01:16:56

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