Our Favorite Pokémon | KeenGamer Podcast #140

Welcome to KeenGamer's Pokémon-themed podcast! Alex and David revive the art of KeenGamer Podcasting based on last week's Pokémon Presents. What's the deal with Pokémon Sleep? What are our thoughts on the announced DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? And perhaps most importantly... what are our favorite Pokémon? That and other recent news you'll hear in this audio-only episode.

Our Favorite Pokemon | KeenGamer Podcast #140

Last week’s Pokémon Presents provides the perfect jump-off point for an in-depth discussion on everything Pokémon. Alex and David chat about their hopes and dreams for the future of Pokémon. From the real and ironic potential of Pokémon Sleep to the over 200 new Pokémon that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet‘s DLCs will be adding. And from there, it’s only a small segue into a passionate discussion about our favorite Pokémon.

If you’re not caught up on the Pokémon Presents, don’t forget to check our summary!

Before we lay out our arguments on why our favorite Pokémon should reign supreme, David explains his excitement for Minecraft‘s 1.20 update, and Alex offers a thorough analysis of Elden Ring‘s single-picture DLC announcement, all the while they argue about who can do the segue into the next topic.


[00:00] Intro
[02:01] What We’re Playing
[10:55] Mario Movie plot points and Dead By Daylight Movie
[19:14] News: Minecraft and Pokémon, but mostly Pokémon Sleep
[46:08] Main Topic: Our Favorite Pokémon

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